After a bit of home ed and a chat with Penny i went to town with Emilia to show  her teacher the baby. then we had lunch in the Anglican Cathedral . 

It was her first day trying the baby carrier . 

He slept throughout . it was very nice!


Clearing the attic . 

The boys sleep up in the attic but it’s full of junk and rubble, not really a room, so on Saturday I was taking 30 mins turns between German and sorting stuff up there .  we filled the car with rubbish for the dump. I found some stockton wood uniforms! and some nice boys curtains I got ages ago. There’s a lot of old school work and photos of the kids. a lot. 

Then Sunday we went to church, I think 2 of us may have a headache bug  . i had to go to bed. then later Lola and I went to Emilia’s , had a hold of the baby , read my lovely Olivia a story and had a sweet chat with her. She’s precious !

Titanic brekkers 

On Andrea’s recommendation we had our breakfast at the Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock – in a undeveloped industrial area north of the city centre . 

It was quite fancy inside and our most expensive breakfast so far. I loved the room, atmosphere and table settings , and the wide choice of food, but it was not actually impressive food . 

We had a window table overlooking the dock and the huge disused tobacco warehouse which is/ was the largest solid red brick building in the world . 

Then we popped to Bootle to look at the outside of this house, in a nice clean little estate, very handy for bootle shopping centre and literally 10 mins drive to town . good bus and train links.

It’s got 5 bedrooms but small living space downstairs. 

Then Baltic Bakehouse for our fab coffee which we drink at the prom. 

And now…

Prepositions that take the dative.


Glow in the Park!

Hello, i was super tired and didn’t do much other than pop into Emilia’s today. then at 5pm Andrea collected me and the girls for… Glow in the Park !

We met with about 20 friends from SBC to do my very first 5k in Heaton Park, Manchester . we had glow sticks, glow make-up , and head torches . 

To be honest we didn’t know what we’d got into, but my fit friends the Campbells are celebrating their 40th birthdays with 40 triathlons / 5k’s / muddy challenges. and this is the one for us! they are raising awareness for the excellent . 

There was music, lights, 1000s of people! tunnels/tents with foam, one where  you get squirted with glowing slime by guys with soaker guns!

We had an absolutely wonderful time , obviously we walked and didn’t jog or run! but some of our gang were also walking . it was lovely to catch up with some people  haven’t seen in a year. (There was also a hint of awks with some  but I  just kept smiling!) 

We really want to go again next year, but be totally decked out in fairy lights, and all kinds of glowing accessories . 

Praise the Lord for a wonderful fun and new experience !

Ergo baby

My break earned by having submitted my assignment was to go to the retail park with Emilia and the baby to try out different baby carriers. we went in Mamas and Papas and Mothercare and tried some on, then went home and bought the one we liked off Amazon, saving £40! it’s called Ergo Baby bundle of joy! 

1st assignment submitted, phew!!

Pictured: the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters . it’s interesting ! 

I just submitted my first assignment for marking .  I know it could have been better, I basically did the whole 3 weeks work in 3 days, but it’s such a relief, and I am officially Not Behind on my “languages and cultures” course now. i have a similar job now to get my German reading up to date and that assignment is due next Thurs but is way more doable. imagine being Caught Up in both subjects !

I’m writing!

I don’t look like any of these, in bed in my nightie jabbing away at the laptop. I have chosen my subject of my first TMA (Tutor marked assignment) which is due in tomorrow. I’m writing about my exchange trip to Hannover in 1991 as it showed  my utter lack of intercultural competency (that’s a term I just learned). And I was writing from 7.30 til 11, when I realised I should be at a meeting in town. 

We went to the Prince’s Trust for a 3-week review. Fred’s caseworker and I both thought he has done really well at trying, mixing etc. Then we had a cuppa in Fact and came home

Later I got online and found a load more info that needs included in this essay. GAH! 

Lola, Angie and I went to cinema to see Ken Loach’s latest film “I, Daniel Blake” which was about people trying to survive on benefits.  It was very moving and extremely accurate. There was a lot of people like me  in tears throughout !

I hope some people see it and learn the truth. 

Nerf Centre 

Today I met Emilia and baby at Asda for a bit of shopping, then went to Vauxhall, a highly unattractive part of town, to go to the Nerf Centre so the boys and C could shoot each other with Nerf guns.  The place was rather dreadful, basic and Carol and I sat in a small dark room for the hour’s wait while the boys shot and got shot. Wow! I guess we are spoilt by all the luxury  city play places we have been to many times, as we found it very small and drab. But really it was safe and warm, and  supervised so what else do you need?

Then we all went to the Jolly Miller for dinner.

We got home about 9 pm and i have also read the 30 pages I needed to for the upcoming assignment. Yes, 30 pages, today! 📖✔🎖

Stafford Sunday 

Well we didn’t do much on Sunday, mum and I popped to Pizza Express for tea, it’s in this fancy building.  Then we had a little quiz and charades. Mum’s interpretation of the heimlich manoeuvre got us laughing!

While I was away Lee took the kids to the museum and then the girls to Calders tones park, making the most of Saturdays good weather. 

Then on Monday morning we just got up and I came home. I had to pop to Allerton Rd to go to the bank, and I was sidetracked by the fruit n vegetable shop, I got a big bag of veg, then came home and made 2 risottos  (one had sausages in) with red peppers, carrots, celeriac, celery and squash in. Yum! With some tomato bread my baker pal had dropped off.  Then I knuckled down to some study about a timeline of the french tu/vous dynamic!

Every time I do some actual work I’m thrilled with meself!