Glow in the Park!

Hello, i was super tired and didn’t do much other than pop into Emilia’s today. then at 5pm Andrea collected me and the girls for… Glow in the Park !

We met with about 20 friends from SBC to do my very first 5k in Heaton Park, Manchester . we had glow sticks, glow make-up , and head torches . 

To be honest we didn’t know what we’d got into, but my fit friends the Campbells are celebrating their 40th birthdays with 40 triathlons / 5k’s / muddy challenges. and this is the one for us! they are raising awareness for the excellent . 

There was music, lights, 1000s of people! tunnels/tents with foam, one where  you get squirted with glowing slime by guys with soaker guns!

We had an absolutely wonderful time , obviously we walked and didn’t jog or run! but some of our gang were also walking . it was lovely to catch up with some people  haven’t seen in a year. (There was also a hint of awks with some  but I  just kept smiling!) 

We really want to go again next year, but be totally decked out in fairy lights, and all kinds of glowing accessories . 

Praise the Lord for a wonderful fun and new experience !


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