I’m writing!

I don’t look like any of these, in bed in my nightie jabbing away at the laptop. I have chosen my subject of my first TMA (Tutor marked assignment) which is due in tomorrow. I’m writing about my exchange trip to Hannover in 1991 as it showed  my utter lack of intercultural competency (that’s a term I just learned). And I was writing from 7.30 til 11, when I realised I should be at a meeting in town. 

We went to the Prince’s Trust for a 3-week review. Fred’s caseworker and I both thought he has done really well at trying, mixing etc. Then we had a cuppa in Fact and came home

Later I got online and found a load more info that needs included in this essay. GAH! 

Lola, Angie and I went to cinema to see Ken Loach’s latest film “I, Daniel Blake” which was about people trying to survive on benefits.  It was very moving and extremely accurate. There was a lot of people like me  in tears throughout !

I hope some people see it and learn the truth. 


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