Lots of work!

itve done loads of decluttering, donating and throwing away in the last 2 days as well as watching a few eps of Hoarders Buried Alive for inspiration! Also finished this small blanket.


WiFi nuisance!

This is a scarf I started over a year ago for Deb, the irrepressibly cheerful girl who has given me a lift to BSF for the last 2 years. I’ve just finished it, so I can give her it before I go. I’ve got other stuff to share but my phone is really unhelpful for blog writing. The space to write in is about 1cm deep! So that’s all for today. X

our laptop and internet are not communicating with each other, which is annoying as I really enjoy writing my blog each day.

write in is about 1cm! So this is all for today x

A Rug-based Adventure!

So on Saturday I met mum at 9am at Lime St and we had a lovely time at Paul’s conference in Liverpool Uni,  the 6th Annual Archaeology and the Bible Conference.  It was really hot in there, we saw lots of people I knew, and we learnt lots of interesting stuff about evidence for Biblical things in Egypt.  Then thoroughly exhausted, we got the train to Stafford.  Mum had made some mocha squares! Which I love. Hurrah! We had a good chat that evening.

On Sunday mum and I went to Hobbycraft and had a look in Next Home. We suddenly spontaneously bought this gorgeous rug. We were really quite excited about it, which I think shows how mild our lives are!


It’s textured an everything! She also got a toning doormat. We wanted to get it in before dad got home from church, and see if he noticed! We were giggling away like a couple of silly conspirators for about an hour or more! Anyway he was in first but in the kitchen.  So we quietly rolled up the old one, put this one down, adjusted everything, and even put the old rug in the understairs cupboard. It was so daft! And then he came in the room and said, “WHAT!”

We did ask what colour he thought it was, he said darkish red. So we got miles of fun out of that.

Mum had made some parsley fritters for lunch, which was interesting, I had a sleep in the afternoon, then in the evening we watched “San Andreas” after thinking about watching Arrival. With hindsight I think i’d have preferred Arrival. I did some crochet obviously. I don’t really pay attention to disaster-type movies, as it is too stressful.  but Dwayne Johnson was quite good, the family drama bits were quite watchable.

Today I came home in the morning, then Lola, Ruby, Fred and I went to town to watch the Power Rangers film.


I am in no sense a fan of the series, but the film was watchable enough.  Much better than I imagined. We got bubble teas and  chips with mayo on after.


This girl blended in with the bubbletea décor.



Penny knocked at 7.30am, to tell me about her week or so in Africa. She went for a funeral and visited loads of people she hasn’t seen for many years.

We were due to have Sam for 2 hours, but E cancelled. Even though I love seeing people, it’s always a relief to suddenly have a day with no appointments. F and I prayed to have lots of energy and enthusiasm to do some work today. So we did a booklet from our ‘conflict’ series, The Young Peacemaker. Today’s episode was about desires-choices-consequences-feelings. Then we filled a whole box of books from the dining room shelf to be packed away, and half a bag to donate. Then I made a big macaroni cheese, a large amount of chicken enchiladas, and a banana loaf. I took half to Emilia’s and we put Sam in this bouncy thing for his first try.

He enjoyed it for a good few minutes. He is uncommonly handsome I think!

The EPC came by email. It says how energy efficient our home is, it got a “D” which could be improved to a “C” if certain measures were taken.

So we got plenty done. I am using Ruby’s laptop today which she bought with her birthday money. it’s quite swish and fast compared to mine. x


Twins n baby


This is about heaven, but the principle is, Jesus is looking after our future.  He knows where we are going to live and He is in fact preparing things just for us! He takes a very personal interest in our lives and He doesn’t want us to trouble over anything or do anything outside of His care. Yay!

So far today F has been making a tree from a printout and I have been doing a bit of crochet.

Then 3 little unexpected visitors came, which was very fun, loud etc! Lola is extremely helpful in these moments.

Well literally Lee is signing his contract and sending it back today, and I have one lady interested in buying our house and two others want to rent it. So stuff will happen soon! Also even tho its’ only 2 months away, the company are going to pay for us all to make a visit to Amsterdam very soon, just to check it out!

I got the man in today amongst all this chaos to do the EPC – the energy performance certificate which you must have one of to sell the house.



Up London Road

Ruby and I nipped to London Rd for a school jumper & trousers for Jojo, he’s grown a lot since September! Then a little nose around Abakhans, before getting the bus back to town. R went home and I met Jojo from school to get shoes. Then we had tacos in Tortilla and got a lift home from Lee.

Tuesday I took the 3 kids to town for R’s orthodontist appointment. She got the brace put on her bottom teeth now too! Dr said all is going very well and we talked about us moving away , and how he will help us with smooth handover of information to the next orthodontist. Then we had lunch in the Soul Café on Bold St.   Fred & Ruby went to the Lego shop – F bought a little lego set using his bank card chip and pin, so that money stayed in his account all of one day! Why am I even surprised? Then up to Lazer to swap Jojo’s school trousers for some longer and thinner. Popped in Abakhans again, made F go home, it was a 2-bus job, he was not sure about where in town the changeover would occur, but he made it! Then the girls and I went in TJ Hughes for some reason, laughed at some clothes and fully sat around having a long rest on some recliner chairs in their very quiet furniture basement. !


Errands & formula milk.

Sunday evening I cycled over to Emilia’s and witnessed her boy having his 1st bottle of formula. Yes she has breastfed exclusively for 6 months, I take my hat off to her, it is no mean feat. He has been having 14 small feeds a day recently.  She is still going to mainly breastfeed, but now there’s also food , and more opportunity for having a babysitter!

We had a nice tea and I read O a story. My lovely girl is already plotting with Ella to come over and visit me together!

This morning F and I have done loads of errands: ordered my repeat prescription, got the final 2 passport applications mostly filled in for the two boys, fetched my phone which I’d left in E’s, then we got the bus to the Credit Union, closed our five accounts there, which produced for us £21 in cash, then went to the Natwest to put £10 in F’s own new bank account.

I had a lovely chat with Linda who we have known for years, first as Jojo’s oldest friend’s nan, then for a while we were at church together a few years ago. She offered for Jojo to lodge at hers, how kind! I will make sure he goes round for tea at some point before moving over.



Sunday- lots of testimonies

Hi, we had a guest speaker, Ricky Brooks from Christ Central Church in Aberdeen. He spoke on the last 2 chapters of Malachi, which is in the series we are doing. It was interesting, funny and challenging as he had lots of points like definition of an idol – someone or something you have to check with before you obey God.

First there was time for testimonies, where people give a mini story of what Good God is doing in their lives. Russ had to actually stop it in the end as there was such a flow of people coming up to give the glory to God!

I saw a lady visitor who I used to be in BSF with years ago. My boys came.  And I had a little chat with Tony and Joy, who Jojo is going to lodge with when we leave the country.

My bright crochet blanket is nearly done.


I’m giving it some 3d rows for added texture.

There is a lot of laughter going on here at the moment! The wait for info has been extremely draining.


2 cakes before lunchtime !

Good Day! My husband and I keep waking at 4am, which is quite draining. So this morning we took his new chariot and went to the Tavern for 7am opening. We had a good breakfast and were a bit hysterical with laughter. His fab new toy, and relief over the house etc.


It’s very comfortable. We were done by 8am, obviously too early to pop to the 2nd hand shop with our bags to donate. So we went for a little drive up Crosby way, then I said I wanted to go to Hightown. He put it in the Satnav and then we ended up down a thin farmer’s lane leading only to a field where they were planting something. “Do a U-turn!” said the Satnav. Then we went to Lady Green Garden Centre at Ince Blundell. It was nice, a typical giftware n cake place. We looked at the flowers just thinking about what we’ll grown when we have finally moved. Then ended up having a coffee and cake there. We went to deliver a couple of things to Joe & Emilia, and ended up having a coffee, which E served Lee an espresso with an iced water chaser, the right type of biscuit etc, just like old times, she is like a tiny café! Joe started serving biscuits on a proper bone china plate, it was all getting out of hand. We had Napoleon cakes which are basically a fancy European cream slice. So that was a lovely change.

Then I did little more than have a nap, do some crochet, some dutch on duolingo, and look up some worship songs in dutch. This bloke called Remco Hakkert has done an album of songs I know, but in dutch. x




This cute visitor came while his mum took her car to be fixed.


Fred got Lego Worlds this morning, on the PS4. it’s a game where you can wander about a lego world doing quests, or just build whatever you want. Also a plumber came to put in a pipe from the bath’s outflow hole to the outflow pipe! Wahoo!