Starting to get light.

Hello, yesterday Ruby and I headed to Allerton Road to do some boring bank stuff. We went to the Tavern for lunch. It’s mainly quite dark in there, and I hoped we’d get a window seat as I prefer light. Then we got seated in the atrium bit, I’ve never sat there before. It’s lovely and light with a different feel to the rest of the place! Simple pleasures!! We browsed a few 2nd hand shops.

What’s nice is, it’s light now when Jojo has to leave for school. I feel so sorry for him having to slog out into the dark with such a heavy bag, knowing he’s got not one but 2 buses to wait for in the freezing dark!

I made roast chicken and roasted veg but it was clear no-one was planning to enjoy it, so I made them go to the chippy and I will create a soup from the cooked things today. (obviously Lee was out, or he’d have enjoyed it)

I just read The Savage Altar by Asa Larsson. It was a Swedish crime novel. I don’t really enjoy the murder bits but I just like the settings and small differences in way of life.

Fred and I read the first chapter of The Young Peacemaker yesterday,

Which is an American curriculum in 12 comics about conflict and what it says about it in the bible. we quite enjoyed it. I bought it a few years ago, and then I could never find both the comics and the teachers guide at the same time! So he gets to do it on his own, that’s probably for the best!

Then we played Big Bang Theory-themed Cluedo. He got quite into it.



Rona’s 60th

On Saturday we took Jojo with us for breakfast. Turned up at the Tavern at 08.55 to avoid a queue. Imagine our surprise the whole place was packed out with families as they now open at 7am! And there was a big queue, so we went to Milo Lounge instead. As we are early risers, we would have loved the Tavern to have been open at 7am all this time. But actually it was full of people with 2 toddlers each. So probably more than 50 toddlers in the room. A no-no.

later we went to Aldi.

Lola helped me choose a dress in Simply Be to wear to Rona’s 60th birthday party, which was Saturday night. In a trendy Bar in town where one of her boys has worked for a few years. Lola and I got there at 8.30, it was just wonderful to see Rona and the “boys” who are all between 19 and 26 I think. We sat with Claire who I know from the Tab/CFS and Ste who I once bought a bike off a few years ago, and of course Raymond, who is now sporting a long white beard, rather like a garden gnome! He is living in a village in Cheshire now. I chatted with Tony’s son Grant and his girlfriend. I almost recognised a couple of young men from when they used to be kids in St Michael’s school. Then later Josh (middle son) turns up with his girlfriend Natalie and baby son Isaac who is 4 weeks old! Adorable! Josh pointed at him and said “This is how I see your boys!” This is Rona’s 1st Grandchild.  I made an appointment to go round and catch up with all that’s going on. At the party they  had made some huge banners with pics of Rona on and the legend “Happy 40 + 20 Birthday!” It was lovely but we only stayed til about 10.30. I had forgotten all about having to shout over loud dance music etc. and not being able to make yourself heard by the bar tenders. It was a lovely evening though.


de boys


we have been friends almost 17 years .what a blessing!

Also, ! meet next door’s dog, whom I have christened Ghost Horse. Since Storm Doris took away some fence panels, he has been sitting quietly outside our backdoor, very calm, just giving us all a shock cos we aren’t expecting anyone to be there!


perspective has made him look smaller than a packet of biscuits in this pic but he isn’t!!



Toni Erdmann

On Friday Lola and I went to Fact, to lunch and to see the movie Toni Erdmann, which is a german comedy. it was very good.


The daughter is a business person, with no time for family. So the father dons a wig ‘n’ false teeth, follows her to Bucharest and intrudes in her life by posing as her boss’s lifecoach. It was hilarious.

In the evening Lee and I went to Jonny and Simonne’s for dinner. It was very nice, lovely curry, and they are the friendliest pair! Also Lee liked their dogs, guinea pig, hedgehog etc. We had a very good evening together.



Not a lot

On Wednesday we didn’t do much. Ruby and I got the bus to Victoria Park, Widnes. Had a little walk and got an ice cream in Esposito’s. Thursday I have decluttered Lee’s side of the bedroom. (note the clutter was mine!) And in the afternoon I went to the farm café with Simonne, had an absolutely lovely talk with her, she’s one in a million! then took 2 bags to the 2nd hand shop. Then came home, sorted tea and went to Homegroup. A new couple came tonight, I’ve said hello to them a couple of times at church. There are now 2 people called Jed in our church – I’ve never met one previously in me life! The homegroup have just started a little study in John, it was quite good. Lola’s stayed over with Olivia 2 nights. Lee is out with a shipping line tonight. Oh yes I suppose I should mention the wind! It’s been very rough out there today.


scenes over Liverpool


Tuesday with baby Sam.

Tuesday and it’s half term. In the morning Fred and I looked up Cottage Pie in the recipe book. He doesn’t like it but neither do I, and I still now how to make it! We went and got the ingredients. Penny has been unwell so I dropped in with some daffodils. Had a nice chat with Janice too. Then at 3.30 we were looking after Sam so E could take O swimming.

He was so cute! I fed him some custard, He was quite cheerful. then Penny and Janice came for a little look at him. Janice stayed for a while playing with him, and got in there and changed his nappy as she will have a baby boy of her own in July. It was nice to have her round. E took Fred to McDonalds with O. we did have the cottage pie for tea.

The great wall

This morning I actually did some study for my next german assignment!

Ruby and I went for a walk but it was clearly going to rain. So we popped into Carol’s for a cuppa, and then headed to town to the cinema. We watched The Great Wall featuring Matt Damon. It was a bit too loud & gross for both of us, and it was nothing like I imagined. but we enjoyed it.

Also just saying, but when I got back from my weekend away it was to a chorus of “I’m hungry!” and “there’s no bread or milk!”…..!! I thought we had passed this stage!!


Weekend Away Adventures!

Friday morning I got the train to Stafford to mum & dad’s, and Alec and Sam were there. We did a whistle stop tour of the  Katharine House 2nd hand shops! and had a lovely lunch in Eccleshall, it was super to spend time with them. we went past Izaak Walton’s house – it was a cute thatched home. Apparently he is a “famous person” from Stafford. !!

Saturday mum & I went to town for a bit and had a fab lunch in the Soup Kitchen. It was only a 24 hour visit but we packed a lot in and had a lovely time.

Then I got a quick train to Tamworth to meet Becca. We stayed in a very nice Hotel, the Drayton Court Hotel in Fazeley. We had a “twin” room, which had a double bed and a king size bed. It was very comfortable, especially the bed and the shower was fab! We had dinner in Pizza Express with a sloe gin prosecco each with a raspberry in!   It was quite early so we got a snack and just enjoyed chatting and catching up with each other’s lives back in the hotel room.

On Sunday after a cooked breakfast,  we walked along the canal about 3 or 4 miles from almost directly outside our hotel to the Red Lion pub in Hopwas.


And here we are looking hilarious in Hopwas!


we just got a taxi back, had a lunch and parted. It was a lovely time and over too soon!


ups & downs & 2 babes

My Jojo has been very upset and has been chatting with his 2 school/church friends by text. I think they are very kind kids, doing their best to comfort him. Today  J, has invited him over to spend some time together. I am going to print some pics of Cheetah and get one of those multi picture frame , we can do a nice collage of Cheetah to take with us when we move.

I have done a lot of jobs downstairs this morning and asked the girls to please tidy the clothes that are already in their rooms, before the clean mountain of clothes from the launderette, goes back in their rooms too.

I have been struggling with some hormonal or migraine type symptoms with extreme tiredness & I was stuttering and stammering yesterday. I know I need healthier food, I find it so difficult to plan and cook. So went to the Old Hardware Shop with the girls yesterday as it’s very healthy food in there.

It’s quite a rollercoaster with Shaq, the cat, there are various other things going on around us and the exciting move, which is a positive thing, but also all the uncertainty about it.

Also here are Sam, now about 5 months, and my new nephew Miles Ellis in an excellent pose! He looks like his dad here!




Cheetah didn’t come in for breakfast this morning, and then on the way back from the launderette we saw a cat by the road that was probably him. On closer investigation it seemed his death wasn’t an accident.

He was only 2 and a half and his brother Cheddar is looking for him. Everyone is very upset.

Shaq! that kid!

Remember Rosy, my friend from ages ago, here she is getting married in November in the Tab.



Also we had a lovely dedication service on Sunday for little miracle Malachi. It was absolutely packed, It was fab with a speech from a tiny little ole SA lady full of fire & power and glorifying God!


Well here’s Sam’s post from FB:


and would you believe! He is already having a go on his computer game!!


Scenes of utter joy!

We went to GAP today, me, Fred and the two girls. It was nice and sunny and I wanted to get up & out. Then R had her weekly counselling in town and the other 2 went and got bubble tea. which I haven’t tried yet.


“Adult” seen on swing at GAP