Last Friday in Speke. Wahoo!

Why are people surprised by this clause?


It’s official!

My lovely pal just brought us 2 Marlenka cakes, we’ll take them with us or share them out today as we are guaranteed loads of last minute visitors.

There’s a lot of mad packing, deciding, searching & so on happening here today. I kid you not, Lola was headed out to the Wirral at 9.30pm last night to sleep over, having literally NOT done ANY packing or sorting AT ALL in her room. Thankfully after having a little rant about it all being my fault, she at least packed 2 boxes. Last minute ain’t the word!

SO, Lee has signed the contract of sale this morning & popped it into the solicitors.


12 of these boxes have been taken away (it turned out we only needed about 6 but Lee filled them all just because!) and will turn up at our apartment in the week. We each have a big suitcase and a cabin case for the plane, for clothes etc. I kid you not, some of us were able to fit all our clothing into a cabin case! So there was a whole spare suitcase going for Lee & Lola’s many clothes.

J&S just popped in with a card, gift, and a poem from Alf!

We took some boxes of junk to the 2nd hand shop.

The locksmith came and secured the backdoor, that’s the last of such jobs.

Things feel a lot calmer now with virtually all our case packing done. I wish I could clear/sort  out more rubbish/junk, because I guess the Packers are going to end up carefully packing some absolute junk and sending it all the way to the Netherlands and then i’ll have to unpack it and send it to a 2nd hand shop there! Never mind.





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