Nerf Centre 

Today I met Emilia and baby at Asda for a bit of shopping, then went to Vauxhall, a highly unattractive part of town, to go to the Nerf Centre so the boys and C could shoot each other with Nerf guns.  The place was rather dreadful, basic and Carol and I sat in a small dark room for the hour’s wait while the boys shot and got shot. Wow! I guess we are spoilt by all the luxury  city play places we have been to many times, as we found it very small and drab. But really it was safe and warm, and  supervised so what else do you need?

Then we all went to the Jolly Miller for dinner.

We got home about 9 pm and i have also read the 30 pages I needed to for the upcoming assignment. Yes, 30 pages, today! 📖✔🎖


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