Baby Annabel blankets

So we’re living on all these boxes of chocs, trying to eat something healthy occasionally, and taking turns on the ps4. I have finished these 2 baby Annabel doll blankets to give to my little twins:


Also I have cleared out a big bag to the 2nd hand shop and binned a lot of random bits of crochet that no-one was ever gonna finish. I have earmarked a whole bag of crochet for my friend in Speke too.


Just what I’ve always wanted!



I have always wanted to go and try being alive in a different country, with a different language, have an adventure. And I am very excited to go to Holland next year. But funnily enough we are already having an amazing adventure in getting to know the Lord in a totally new way.

I was reminded of this this morning, because I was offered a virtually unused summer house, for free, for the garden. Something I have always wanted! But I turned it down as I can’t take it with me.  And I don’t mind a bit, even though it is something I have always wanted.



the girls have gone off on an adventure to a caravan in Rhyl with some friends from their Studio school days. They took the train yesterday afternoon. I hope they can keep warm!


Ok Christmas is done, so I must do my German! Panic Over- just looked it up, and the next assignment is due on 26 Jan and it’s just 225 words describing my activities. I am going to try and give it an hour a day to get it fabulous. So even tho’ I haven’t done any for about 5 weeks, I don’t seem to be behind!

Thank Goodness. I am also reading “Defeated Enemies” by Corrie Ten Boom, and “Out To Canaan” by Jan Karon for some light relief.




2 Fambly visits

You know how people hate to be in photos in this family. I thought our Christmas table was pretty though rather plain. the middle is some colouring I did on Christmas day in my new mandala crafts colouring book.

this is Carols’ new front hallway, she’s moved into a flat in a big house in Aigburth. These are my Azalea they got me in Morrisons.

ok, we had a lovely time at Edith’s for Boxing day afternoon/evening. Here are my niece Lois, nephew Ben, Sarah, and shown with Ruby, Sarah’s new boyfriend Lee. He is welsh and he was very nervous to meet us all. he kept trying to get R to speak to his kids back in Wales. Boy did he pick the wrong person! He was a bit drunk so could not take the hint, she  kept almost hitting the red “end call” button on his phone! Also present were Laurie & Edith, Matt’s girlfriend Natalie (Matt was upstairs with a flu) and inevitably Van turned up at some point causing chaos! And just as we were leaving, Brandon came in.

Today Lee and I had breakfast at Malmaison, which is a bit fancy. I had a lovely omelette, he enjoyed kippers. It’s very cosy & tasteful in there. Then At 2pm Chris & Di’s, we had a lovely dinner, then Leah popped in, she is expecting a baby in feb and was quite large! I’m thankful for so many family members who like to cook for us and have us around!


Miami Airport. pretty, huh!






Boxing Day


a different tree this year.
Lee doing his own “christmas Crafts”
a spooky thing high above the streets of liverpool
At Stafford with the family

We have had a lovely Christmas. all 4 kids came to church on Christmas morning, we had a nice time opening our presents, Lee did a lovely turkey dinner, the first time he’s done turkey. We watched Elf and did some colouring in, it was pretty quiet. We had a laugh all wearing our new hats with these funny photo mask cards that change your face. it was crazy!

This morning (Boxingday) Lee, Fred and I have actually been to the retail park and done the shopping-  presents for his mum and all the family that we will see at hers this afternoon. it actually wasn’t all that bad, it was a bit busy and full and chaotic, but that isn’t so bad when you’ve no pram or little kids to manoeuvre.



It’s almost Christmas.

Friday  morning I met my lovely Linda for a cuppa n chat n prayer in Morrisons. It was fab to see her!

Then I had my cute little twins for the afternoon, they are 2 and 3/4 years old, very similar in the face and body now. they were very entertaining, cute, loving, adorable! Ruby and I took them to the post office in the pushchair and we let them walk home, they were good at staying on the pavement, and enjoyed kicking through leaves.

They chased the cats off quickly with their enthusiasm, so then I got the birdcage put it on the floor in the hall and they fed loads of popcorn and pencils through the bars, they loved it!  Chris & Di came over delivering presents while all this was going on, chaos!

I haven’t got any photos as I left my phone in lee’s car all day.

Ruby went to stay over with Olivia.

Lola put our tree up, and decorated around the front room and dining area a bit.  She does a lovely job. This morning I got up early and tidied things a bit so it can get a bit more Christmassy. Then Lee, Lola and I went to M&S and Aldi for food.


I delivered Olivia’s present,  then sang carols at Kingswood old peoples home (where June lives) with a group from church. then we went back to Paul and Jane’s with about 10 people for a very convivial time with homemade mince pies, mulled wine etc. Fab!

Then yesterday Jojo and I went to Samantha’s to see Shaq! He’s been away in a hospital another city for a couple of weeks, for assessment.

It was lovely to catch up, but please pray for the whole family as they are operating in unbearable circumstances. Please pray for them to have peace and know God is there and he cares, as well as healing for Shaq’s heart and liver.


Samantha needed these snowflakes, which are a lot more rainbowy in real life.


Star Wars Rogue One

Hello, yesterday we downloaded and played Stardew Valley on PS4, it’s very very similar to my fave ever video game, Harvest Moon on DS. Yay!

In the afternoon we were supposed to have my little twin Goddaughters, but they are just finishing off chicken pox, so we rearranged. I made a big chicken stew and a small veggie one.

Then the boys, Ruby and I went to town to see the new Star Wars film, Rogue One. It was quite good much more Star Wars than last year’s offering, The Force Awakens. There were some familiar faces, I thought it tied in believably to the rest of the saga, and it was much more of a war action film (which I don’t particularly like). But it was good.


then we came home and ate the stew! yes, how sensible, we didn’t eat out!

Oh yes, also Lee was told yesterday that due to illness of the manager & hr people, he won’t receive his job offer til new year. at least that takes some uncertainty out of it. it is coming!



Choir carol evening

the big day arrived! I had been dreading it, it has taken up a lot of time and energy and tempted me towards a lot of anxiety, but now it’s done, praise the Lord!

the church was decorated up lovely, and there was extra lighting and fab refreshments.

we sang, there was a rap, it was great!

mum came to see us too.

so glad its over!

I suppose I need to concentrate on my German now as the assignment is due on the 3rd of Jan.

also I need to lose some weight, I am 15 stone 4 as a starting point.

I have started making some salads and stews and soups.