Stafford Sunday 

Well we didn’t do much on Sunday, mum and I popped to Pizza Express for tea, it’s in this fancy building.  Then we had a little quiz and charades. Mum’s interpretation of the heimlich manoeuvre got us laughing!

While I was away Lee took the kids to the museum and then the girls to Calders tones park, making the most of Saturdays good weather. 

Then on Monday morning we just got up and I came home. I had to pop to Allerton Rd to go to the bank, and I was sidetracked by the fruit n vegetable shop, I got a big bag of veg, then came home and made 2 risottos  (one had sausages in) with red peppers, carrots, celeriac, celery and squash in. Yum! With some tomato bread my baker pal had dropped off.  Then I knuckled down to some study about a timeline of the french tu/vous dynamic!

Every time I do some actual work I’m thrilled with meself!


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