Harvey and table

Hi, this morning I popped into see a lovely young mum nearby and her kid Harvey who’s just 1. She was knitting a nativity set! That was nice, then I thought I would check out Speke’s latest attraction,  the new fish and chip shop:

I know! It’s fabulous right? I got fish and chips for the kids and a breaded fishcake for me. Yeah, I hate the battered ones, but they do both in this chippy. There’s a burger/kebab bit as well, but it was not open at lunchtime. 

The verdict: we enjoyed the fish products but no one was thrilled with the chips. But we are not dead keen on chippy chips.

Then we played minecraft a bit. The cheap table I got off amazon was delivered so we have been  putting it together:

So we got the new table in place and took the legs off the old one for transport.

Lola’s gone out and the boys are at teenage Alpha at church. Time for a little crochet. 



Hello. Today we met Lola out of college at 12.30, and we had lunch in 81 Renshaw, a nice little cafe/comedy venue. Then Ruby went to her cathedral work, and we went to the Prince’s Trust to fill in some forms for Fred to begin his course there next week. That was fine, he has the same caseworker that Ruby had; she did a double-take when she saw Lola there waiting with us.

Then we went to Edith’s as we haven’t been in months. We had a nice chat, though Laurie’s aneurysm thing is a bit worse, he has to go to Bristol to have an artery exchanged or something, with high mortality risk. He kept referring to it every 5 minutes, which I don’t think is very reassuring for his wife! 

Later I popped into Emilia’s to meet their new son, his name is Sam. He was 9.5 lbs or thereabouts. He has a deep voice like Joe, and a lovely lot of thick silky dark hair quite like Joe’s, but his face didn’t particularly look like either parent. A young couple from SBC were there too with their new baby boy, so that was lovely.  Then I read Olivia a story and we prayed for everyone to get a good night’s sleep! 

Autumn lol

There was a huge mess in the kitchen and lots to do today, so I went to Waterloo with the two girls instead! I wanted to check out Dorlins, a very small knitting shop in Waterloo.  We took the train and walked along a bit by Crosby Marina. It was warm, I went in me short sleeves. 

There are lots of cute pastel coloured seaside homes with interesting details. 

We had lunch there and went in a considerable amount of 2nd hand shops all on St John’s Rd.  

I have put off the crochet at Fruit And Fibres for a bit, much as I love it there, I am trying to get into a routine that involves more cooking and stuff at home.

New birdcage 

Snazzy new birdcage.  The important element is the few inches of see through perspex at the bottom of the sides, so that 110,000 seeds will not fall out all over the kitchen every time they feed!

Have fun birds!

Also I saw a squirrel crossing Lovel Rd today. 

Tuesday 27th September 

Hey! Emilia’s baby boy was born today! 

I don’t know any details yet.

We did our home ed in time for me to go for a coffee with Tanya in Dobbies, we had a lovely convo. Then Fred And I went to Gap.  They have a lego club there now for the first hour, which was fun.

Then Fred and I had a breakfast at 3pm in Cafe Cargo. And coming back in caught up with Penny. 


Then I went to bible study and we have a couple of new ladies in our group.  Cool!


Sunday. Church, then Ruby and I had a pizza. Lee went to work to test some new system on the computers.  then I went to Emilia’s.  I gave her a set of plates- they got a dishwasher. The  baby is a  week overdue, she is to be at hospital 7am Tuesday in a queue for cesarean. I put Olivia to bed. Joe made us polish style pancakes.  Emilia says the polish shop in Speke is diversifying into delivering cooked meals. Pierogi, pork chop n mash with cabbage etc. We’ll have to try it. 


 Fred has done his home ed. I have an appointment with him at Princes Trust on Thursday.

Last time Ruby was at a paediatrician for the regular aspergers follow up, the Dr was a bit horrified at her quality of life and recommended Ruby get a social worker so we can plan for her future. 

I rang today and social services would not even consider her for a social worker as she is healthy and being cared for! I should not be surprised. 

I will refer her to the aspergers team at Norris Green next. 

A busy day. Went to Morrisons with Ruby, made a shepherds pie. Did some tidying in the dining room. I have  achieved about 75% of my goals for today, I really was supposed to look at dozens of emails from the open university! Oh well. 

I’m getting rid of this oversized table or “horizontal storage area” as it is actually used as. I am replacing it with a much smaller one. 

Theatre trip

In the morning I had breakfast with Lee at Unit 51, then we walked to town with lovely coffees from Baltic Bakehouse. They have the only coffee I really appreciate. 

Then to Lime Street to meet mum. We had a lovely tapas lunch in La Tasca, 

then went to the Royal Court Theatre to watch “Twopence to cross the Mersey “.

It’s a Liverpool staple. It’s based on a true story.

we were in the  balcony which was shockingly high and steep! We really enjoyed the story, there was a pared back sort of system for props and set, which went well with the story. It had been scousified, so it was a bit funny and there was a little bit of swearing, lefty politics etc. Some of the actors were really good. 

Then a little snack in Patisserie Valerie and we were done.

Jojo has been at C’s birthday. 

And Lee and Lola have been to the wedding of an old friend of Lee’s . (because I had forgotten all about it and made other plans!!!!)

A lovely day. 


Look at this squirrel! 

It’s a colouring in page! Amazing huh?

I took Fred to the Dr’s this morning about a clicky jaw. He got some ibuprofen. Then lovely Simonne picked me up and we had a super time at Tuebrook market, some 2nd hand shops looking for an appropriately sized cage for her pet hedgehog! Then I had a look at him but he was asleep.  His name is Hoagy Carmichael!

This is going to be a big hexagon, it’s a free pattern by Cypress Textiles.

In the evening I had a Chinese meal with my 2 girls. It was lovely and peaceful, with  lots of chatting and laughing. 

Today I took Fred and Ruby to Spring City, a trampoline place where we met quite a crowd of home educators, many I don’t know.  A couple of lovely friends were there that I haven’t seen in literally years! It was fun. 

Then Fred went home and Ruby and I met Lola in town. We went in Cow, the new vintage/upcycling shop.

Look at the lights!

Lola would love a job in there!

Later we watched Gnomeo and Juliet, then God’s Not Dead 2.

Finally joining these granny squares. 

Cfs first “parents collaborative meeting “

Hello. Today I nipped to Morrisons with Lola, then we headed to Fruit And Fibres.  We had a nice quiet afternoon there, then went to see Bad Moms at the cinema, I thought it mostly Dross but Lola enjoyed. Then some quick n yummy tacos at Tortilla, and she went home and I went to some annual meeting at Jojo’s school, CFS. It was interesting and friendly.  I now feel much more connected to the school family. And it is a family. It’s very ethnically diverse, the ladies I sat near were German and Czech, and I was also looking around for any surprise faces from the past. Someone always pops up at any christian gathering! And there was “clarence” who came to Toccy Tab the year before I left, I was surprised he remembered me, but of course I was pretty memorable with 4 little uns . He said he remembered them as happily dancing around my feet, which is cute. He has 2 young ones in CFS, and he introduced me to “chet,  a single dad with 2 in CFS, who is about to get married to Rosy! Can you remember lovely Rosy? 

So there were some other nice things too and Gareths mum gave me a lift home.



Note I’ve upgraded him from one verse to two. We finished book 1 of The Word 1_2_1 today. Then times tables, kidneys (a fun old maths book), Dutch. 

This is ocean jasper . I love the colours and patterns. 

I am a lot more cheerful but very tired. All we did was walk to Morrisons and make mince n mash last night, and I had a little go on Terraria with Lola. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the appointments / commitments sitting on my planner. I want to cancel a lot of them but I am avoiding making a rash decision. 

Fred went to Gap without me and then to K’s for a couple of hours. 

I went for a chat and prayed with Penny. Then Lola and I got the bus and met Russ at Shaq’s bedside and prayed for him and stuff.  Then we ate lots of the snacks out of his cupboard and played Guitar Hero! Shaq was pale and he threw up quite rigorously while we were there, but he was very personable and sweetly polite to Russ. Even before we set off I felt very confident that his meds will work and he’ll be home soon.

Then BSF and I was asked to help in the children’s class, which I do once a year. It was fun, they are a sweet bunch aged 6-14. Lots of fidgeting and people who don’t find writing easy. I am always thankful to God for this group. It’s a miracle that His Word goes in! 😁

After Deb took us to McDonald’s as she had promised her little guy a happy meal, so we had one too!