Saturday 15th April ’17

Hurrah! I had some sleep last night!

So I feel a bit alive! Lee and I went to breakfast at the Tavern about 8am.

Today we are all having dinner with Chris & Di and their 2 kids, spouses, and grandbabies Sam and Miles, but I am not going, to keep any infection away from the babies- especially as Miles has already had more than his fair share of hospital time. So I will go to sleep. Sounds good to me!


I am working on a plain, solid square to go round this circle – I don’t really like using the granny-style border with this circle as there are too many holes. it detracts from the pattern within the circle. No viewings today, that’s a good feeling too! Also except from the hot cross buns yesterday at church, I have avoided sugar, and sugary things altogether this week, without much trouble. Which is different.


That’s all for now x




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