A Persian Tile.


I couldn’t resist trying this 4ply, ‘Head Over Heels’ sock yarn by Stylecraft, that I got yesterday. This colourway is called Etna. The pattern is slighty adapted from Persian Tiles by Janie Crow.

Here’s hers: made with DK and separate coloured balls of yarn. Quite a similar effect innit.


Lee and I have been to the Tavern as usual for Breakfast. Then a tidy up cos we had a viewing at 2pm. Presumably the final one, as I felt that we were Done last week. They were do-up-and-rent-out types, and it felt nice being able to tell them I’ve already had such-and-such an offer.

Lee took R & F to the museum in good time, so now: back to my crochet & my box of chocs. Fab!






Black Sheep Wools 2nd trip – it’s still fabulous!


Sam, Shaq and I went to Black Sheep Wools, it’s out in the country in Cheshire or somewhere. It’s a very good yarn & craft shop with a cake ‘n’ tea shop inside. Shaquille behaved extremely well at a place that held no interest for him whatsoever. We had fun. I bought these – quite restrained shopping I think.


Also, next door’s progress with the fence:


my phone camera refused to focus.

and here’s a bit of my apple tree (I’ll miss it!)


So then I had a lovely long chat with my sister all about my exciting move! I really feel like I’m being carried in the Lord’s hands, very smoothly and safely, rather like a mild log flume ride, but instead of water, riding from blessing to blessing.

Here’s a fun video about some Dutch stuff in a Dutch supermarket.


also this page shows some homes like we are expecting to rent in future:


And here’s a slightly updated map:


Amstelveen, in the red ring, where our temporary home will be, and we think also our future one. Lee’s work is shown on the right with a red place marker coming out of a yellow star. It’s about 30 mins cycle according to Google maps.






Cat travel.


Today I have been trying to work out what to do with the cat & how much it will cost, as we can’t quite get him passported in time for our move – the flights are booked for 27th May! I think he might go into a cattery for a couple of weeks and then I’ll pay an animal mover company to bring him over by road, or possibly just fly back n get him myself. altho’ EasyJet don’t do pets, so it would involve Manchester Airport. No ta.


According to this it only takes 9 or 10 hours to drive there from Liverpool, we have been thinking about it,  as one lovely friend is extremely afraid of flying.

Also today the surveyor from Pickfords Removals came, he glanced around the house and will work out the size and weight and price of moving our furniture and stuff. we have to put 3 quotes forward. Other than this I didn’t do much today. I cooked.





It is Wednesday.

Hey!  We are at the epicentre of an extremely mild bidding war! It’s up to £72,500 right now. Woah!

This morning I have chatted with Penny, then been to the dump with Emilia .  And then lunch at the Harvester, I sat next to the cutest boy in the world.

Speaking of cute people, I sneakily took this photo the other day:


So currently I am getting packing & shipping surveyors to come, look in my house, and quote for the possessions to be moved across. It is a massive relief that the Viewings Stage is over. I am still a bit more tired than usual. Trying to take things slowly and get more help around the house. Which, if anyone remembers having teens, is an exhausting job LOL

This evening we had our 1st, quick visit from a social worker with regards to Jojo staying. Just a quick fact gathering one. Someone else will come next week.



de fence

So, Next door’s fence was delivered yesterday morning. He has been working hard on it.


Today the girls, Fred and I went to town, we had some admin stuff in various banks. Then lunch in Tortilla.

I have accepted an offer of £71k from a second party while the other person is considering.  Apparently you can do this until someone forks out for a survey.

Lee has spoken to someone in relocation on the other side today, about what will happen when. Someone accompanies us to get bank accounts, Nat Ins number etc. and someone is talking to schools now about the boys, to get them places somewhere appropriate. and a few other things I can’t remember. Sat 27th May is the date of our flights. Either way, we will be met at the airport and taken straight to our temporary accommodation.


The cat stayed away for a full day yesterday, I thought he was a goner! But he came back this morning.







Sunday morning it was gorgeous and sunny, so I went for a cycle to Church Road in Hale, a pretty posh place with lovely gardens. It was 6 miles round trip and I got back at 7.30am.  As I cycled I thanked the Lord for all He’s doing in our lives!

After church I met Cathy and we had a lovely lunch and chat at our usual café, sat outside in the bright sun, with a bit of a breeze, so we had our coats on. very British! In fact I have caught the sun.

cinema2Fred and I cycled to the Retail this morning. Here’s the cinema and restaurants complex they are building. Where Curry’s used to be.  TOO LATE! We’re OFF!


Penny came and gleaned some stuff, she’s getting a great deal out of this moving malarkey!! Also, her new fence got delivered this morning. Her husband has his work cut out there! It’s a long fence and I guess he is digging the footings himself!

Speaking of footings, I just got a pair of sketchers trainers with memory foam inside and they are so comfortable. Fab.

This morning I have done a counter-offer (thru the estate agent) to the best offer we have received for our house.







What’s new today.

Ok, we have been given a little more info! Lee and I went to the Tavern for breakfast and then we read some emails from the relocation service.

Also we have attempted to book this 3 – bedroom place for the 2 nights 10-12 May for our trip there.

Yes it is a houseboat, as you can get a very central location for a reasonable price.

Also Why Not!

And Lee’s future work address:




A blessing in the form of a neighbour.

The boys left early and I thought I’d get my yarns out.


These colours I am working with on my current blanket. Only me and R in the house and, you know, she’s pretty quiet in the mornings!

I will miss my garden a bit, I am looking forward to having something small enough to keep in order, and I’ll get some potted plants as soon as we get there.

I’ve been listening to a funny northern detective series on BBC Iplayer called the Blackburn Files. It’s clean and gentle, the humour is in the use of vernacular.

In the morning  I’ve been in Penny’s having a chat and such a laugh with her and her daughter!  It was lovely, we are celebrating 10 wonderful years of neighbour- & friendship. (Rather than getting sad about splitting up you see.)

Ruby and I popped to Hunts Cross and paid the rest of the vet’s bill, then walked back with some shopping. Then she got on the ps4 and I listened to a huge amount of the Very Best of Elton John, singing along. I learnt all the words to it hanging around with Zoe a long time ago, doing our paper rounds, we would meet up at a certain point and walk along singing together. ! It was a much needed rest day after all the work & fatigue of the last couple of weeks.


This is feeling a bit large now, it’s more than a metre square. But there is lots more to do.  The stripes are really fun as you can choose any colour, any pattern, any depth each time. and the bobbles are very 3D.


Thursday, vets

I’m utterly washed out and cream crackered today! In the morning there was a misunderstanding with R, then the girls and I took a big pile to the launderette and had a lunch in The Old Hardware Store.

Thought I had a viewing at 1.30, tried to nap, turned out there wasn’t a viewing. Sent some kids to retrieve the clean washing and took Cheddar to the vet. Cos (1) he has not been the same since his brother died. (2) we need a cat passport, microchip n stuff. (3) he has a lump on his rear and is holding his tail oddly.

Lola and I shoved him in the cat travel carrier. He has not been in it for 2 years and he lurched about alarmingly, and he is really heavy! It was touch n go whether he would break loose.  The vet’s isn’t really near a bus stop so I had to walk! Anyway it was an abscess, most likely caused by fighting. He sat nice and calm while the vet shaved his back a bit with clippers. Then washed the area and gave him 2 injections. One for pain and one for antibiotics. That’s that sorted, but it means we can’t do Passport vaccinations for a further 2 weeks til the antibiotics is finished. So we are rather significantly late with all that now.  Shall we just say he is way low in my priorities.

So tonight’s palaver is that the boys are leaving at 6.45am tomorrow for Regenerate, the yoof weekend in Edinbugh. So they are packing their bags etc.


some more viewings…

To sum up. Fred had his polio-dip-tet booster, which other kids have at school at his age. Then nipped to the shop for a loaf of bread and came across G, our lovely Polish friend, who is just here for a short visit to her family, how lovely to see her.


Jojo went to a sleepover with schoolmates and enjoyed himself v much.

Ella R came and slept over, we played cluedo with our boys, then went to bed at 10.

Ruby and I nipped to Widnes today. We got a Marlenka cake or 3 off our lovely friend, and some yarns.

Just had a lot of viewings. I would say that Move Residential are certainly earning their fee!  ( moveresidential.co.uk ). I prefer viewings where the people are actually thinking of living here, not buy-to-let. Then you can chat about the cherry tree, or their teens choosing the bedrooms, or a granddad telling me about his n-gauge railway. When he got up in the loft and saw how big it is, he said he could double his layout!


Anyway there’s been a lot, and we have had some offers, one of which is our minimum acceptable amount, Good! but we have a few more, and see if a better offer comes. I will be glad to finish the viewings chapter of our life though, as it is tiring.