Arts college, rent.

In the evening I went to Lola’s College to meet her teacher. She said Lola always works hard and all good stuff as usual. On the way I read through my little Dutch phrasebook, it seems very straightforward. reading and pronouncing are OK, as in any language. but when I am watching/listening to someone speaking Dutch on youtube it’s mainly unintelligible! Still, early days.

I enjoy the slightly Bristolian aspect – really pronouncing those “R”s in supeRmaRkt and “it hurts” (dat doet pijn) pronounced Dot doot pain = “that doos pain”! 

Later I went to chat to Penny about her possibly being a landlord agent type character, if we were to retain the house in Speke and rent it out to someone. She had lots of practical suggestions. 

Options galore!




Hello, Lee has the day off, so we went to breakfast at the Tavern. 

We weren’t served by this excitable young man off the Internet.

We had a look in the big Furniture Oxfam and got this rug for £10. 

It’s pink, blue and beige, so doesn’t go with anything at all!!

We took 4 bags to the Barnardos and also  the bass guitar, at the last minute we decided to give the guitar to Laurie, so drove there. Matthew was up ‘n’ about too, so we had a good chat, mainly about memes, coping with teenagers and moving. It was lovely to see him. 

Been messing about with “prisma” photo app with this pic of Lee.

Getting on with things . 

Today Fred has read his chapter of The Boys Body Book, a bit of The Screwtape Letters, and did a quick quiz of times tables, and now he’s on Dutch Duolingo. 

I have been sorting piles of paper and sorting junk for Barnardos. 

Fred got on his game and got annoyed about not winning. Next thing I’m in the kitchen and he is screaming, I thought he was hurt ! But no, he has got annoyed and thrown the controller down, breaking it open and dislodging something inside. The controller I only bought last week for £40! after having a few weeks of no ps4 as he broke the previous controller! Gah! (Jojo has his own controller that he hides during the school day)

So that’s that again! 

This afternoon I spent 45 mins on the phone with Currys “knowhow” trying to get rid of malware on my laptop. i have just started a complete reset which will take hours.

Also I have had a text conversation with JC from SBC, it was peaceful and friendly. You know I have wanted to make a friendly gesture for a good while, I pray about it a lot and only want to do things wisely. But please pray about that. 

Then I  went to BSF and had a wonderful time of course! Also some ladies from Uk regional team were there. Now I’ve already  looked it up,  there’s no BSF group in Amsterdam. So I asked them to put me in touch with any prayer group connected to BSF that is there. ! I am sure there must be one! 

Bsf have these little “satellite” discussion groups in places where it’s not possible to have a whole BSF for any reason. There are now 2700 satellite groups in the world, and 36000 at them, people who are no able to get to a regular BSF. As well as over 1000 regular BSF classes. ❤💙📖🕆💚💛


Interview in Hamburg 

So Lee came back from his Hamburg Adventures. He has accomplished his interview and will receive the job offer in the post. So we are very excited to go! 

But we have not many details yet except it will probably be in March. And he will probably be given a car, even tho’ there isn’t really one in the job. Cos that’s not a thing in Amsterdam apparently. 

Lola and Jojo will most likely lodge with friends til they finish their school year.

(Dogs do not like hats!)


A week ago Fred asked if he could read “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis and I thought, Yes! That it just his style! So  we started it this morning. We are reading it together as the language is a bit outdated and there’s lots of long words. In fact every half-page we paused to translate. But he enjoyed it! 

Then Emilia picked me up and we went to Simonne’s to chat with some of the  polish ladies. I let them chat on in Polish and dozed a bit! 

Ruby’s not been feeling well, probably the flu jab. She came on the bus with me to Hunts Cross to the bank. 

Sunday- The Polish musicians !

Last night we watched Red II. (We watched Red a couple nights ago) but i wasn’t concentrating. This morning the boys came to church with me. The Poles were all there and we had a good praise. Russ spoke on depression. I thought it was quite good. (You can imagine some of us a bit suspicious of what he might  say as he has never had depression !)  but it was ok. Then I chatted to a polish bloke and also a lodger of L and J who had joined us, they are Chinese Rachel’s parents  (or Heather’s parents if you live in Stafford !!) 

Took the boys to KFC as Lee was getting a plane to Hamburg for this famous job interview !! 

I went to church for prayer meeting at 5, everyone prayed for my family , then for the Poles and Poland in general. 

At 7 Emilia came with Olivia and Sam, also E who is another christian polish lady with her 2 kids, who i know a little bit from BSF. and another couple, but that’s all who turned up ao it was a bit sparse. we had tables set nice with candles, decorations , sweets and drinks.  They are recording an album so there  was some repetitions and false starts. the music is a bit more contemplative than I  imagined but I  enjoyed it, especially the polish ones. Some of our musicians had little guest spots.

We stayed til 9 as Olivia has school. I look forward to getting the album!

An interesting Saturday 

Hello, you would be forgiven for thinking I do nothing but go out and have fun adventures, I certainly did today!

Lee and I went to the Hotel Mercure for breakfast as it’s very close to his car park.

It  was very cold and foggy:

Thia was my fab view of the Liver Buildings! The breakfast was almost adequate in quality  (me) and simply substandard (Lee) so we nipped across the road to the Crown Plaza for a coffee.

Much nicer! We had a session prepping him for his upcoming interview.

 I’ve never been in here before. it’s nice!

The Liver building literally next door :

Then we walked slightly northwards to Princes Dock which has this bridge, I have never been here before either.

Walked back to car park and I remembered my church friends were street preaching at 11 with the Polish team, so I went to meet them.

About 7 from my church, 2 friends from Manchester, and 6 of the polish team were present. I haven’t come before. they come and preach here in the middle of town about once a month, Saturday 11am and offer to pray for people etc.

Pictured are some Poles singing ! so everyone has shortish turns preaching, giving a little testimony or whatever. I think they don’t usually sing, but why waste an opportunity ! The polish singing was gorgeous and they could swap between english and polish in same song! I got up and said a few words about Jesus for approx 2 minutes!

Just as we were due to finish a young polish dad that we don’t know, approached and asked if he could speak into the mic. Obviously Jonny was a bit circumspect but after a quiet word they let him up and he spoke about the kingdom of God for a bit! It  was fab! His  knees were shaking! I don’t think he had ever done anything like this before. 

It was a super and freezing time! then i got on the bus to meet Lola at Milo Lounge for lunch. That  was yum *also I had a chocolate-orange-baileys !! Yum! 

Then popped around the corner to meet C&C and view a flat with them in a leafy Aigburth street. We all liked it and the area and it looks like they will be taking the flat. 

Phew what an exciting day!

Btw here is photographer Geoff Drake’s pic of the Liver Buildings from another angle this morning:


Hi, Fred went to his last day of the Prince’s Trust . They did mini golf and went to McDonald’s, and he has a printed certificate proclaiming him “most entertaining”. 

Ruby and I went to Emilia’s breastfeeding drop-in with her in Whiston hospital. a first for Ruby ! and then to Ikea- it’s close to Whiston.

I got these items. I  have been looking for a bigger tray for the cat’s bowls – seems all trays are exactly the same size wherever you go , and it’s about 2cm too short for their 2 bowls to sit on! so that’s good.

We enjoyed ourselves in Ikea and Sam attracted a lot of attention, his dark mop of hair is very unusual at his size! of course we had lunch, and I brought loads of food and goodies home from the Swedish food shop at the end.

I tried to be very sensible as I  am working hard  to decrease the number of our belongings, so i tried to just replace broken things rather than get new.


I’ve spoken to my OU tutors and deferred one of my modules, L161 Exploring Languages and Cultures . I will begin it this coming October and I was able to “bank” my assessment score of 88 from the assignment I have completed, as it’s quite a good score and also that takes the pressure off in that October too! So I can concentrate on my German. That feels better! I am literally about 3 weeks behind on that too, but there’s a chance I can catch up.

This is a lovely Victoria sponge cake made by my BSF group member Heather, how sweet of her! Also it’s delicious.

I went to Brockholes nature reserve with Emilia .  

It’s  a gorgeous sunny day, these pics do it no justice. 

Sam mostly cried though.

Thursday. Fred  went to the Prince’s Trust, to make bolognese for the homeless. Ruby and I went to town, did some shopping , went to Smiggle, an expensive colourful kids stationery shop which has finally arrived in Liverpool ! And met Lola in Tortilla for lunch . Came  home , had no key, went to Emilia’s and saw Emma and baby Joel whos about 3 weeks older than Sam . Adorable !

Lee had lunch with a lad he used to work with who has been relocated by K&N, and got some encouraging info.

Then I  made a big coleslaw and went to choir practice . Really fun and not as hard work this week as the 2 main altos were back! Also a couple came with a cute little girl, the mum turns out to be Jojo’s maths teacher ! We did another new dong which has an excellent key change in the last line, I am really looking forward to hearing it all with the band. 

Tuesday, carvery & BSF 

Got me flu jab and decided to walk to the carvery with my two girls. These shops are now up n running in The Crescent. 

You can catchthe end of what they’ve replaced below. 

Originally a lovely round-edged 30’s design building, but been in ruins for a long time. 

Had a big plate of veggies in cranberry gravy, mmmm! Then went to bed for a bit until BSF. Fred went  to St John’s ambulance cadets. at BSF I  was asked to go into the kids class as tonight’s volunteer couldn’t make it. I  did  because it’s always fun. the 2 youngest boys were really bouncy tonight! I was assigned to help them be quiet! 

Also Heather, a group member, gave me a box of home baked Something which smelled fab! and I’ve left it in Deb’s car! I shall get it later.