I left my phone at mum n dad’s, so here’s what’s been happening!

We went to the new shopping centre /big M&S in Stafford.  

It’s OK! 

I can’t remember much else about Stafford as we were preoccupied with Lola. She had been to work and was waiting on a bus stop with Nathan. She didn’t fall, just shifted her weight and her knee popped off! Or something.  After her horrible wait over an hour lying on her face at a bus stop, ambulance took her to Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead.  They treated her and after about 5 hours she went to Nathan’s as it’s a lot closer. His lovely mum Angie looked after her.

The next afternoon Lee collected her. 

Ruby and I came home Monday lunchtime.  Lola hadn’t had any sleep. But lee had done a proper dinner.

I wheelchaired Lola to Morrisons as she really doesn’t enjoy sitting around in 9ur house! There’s always someone arguing or shouting. (Boys). Then later to the sweet shop the in the other direction!

Lola had a horrible demonic dream. Just then Penny came to check on her, and explained it was shock, Ronnie had a similar thing when he had a painful op recently. That was helpful. 

Tuesday. I had Ruby’s paediatric (asd) appointment . We talked about her quality of life, which is minimal at the moment.  It was a bit traumatic appointment !

Then I took Lola in wheelchair on bus to town to keep her Tuesday dinner appt with Nathan .I was going to town to The Liverpool Turning – worship and training/encouragement  to speak to people about God in the streets. So Lola said she’d come to that. So the 3 of us had dinner in Byron Burger, then Lola and I went to the Turning. I warned her people would offer to pray for her leg healing! As soon as we walked in and sat, 2 different men came and prayed for her and asked her to walk, and she did! Healed! !!

We had a marvellous evening of praise and worship. And encouragement.  Then lola got prayed for by this South African bloke Gary I’ve met a couple of times, with some prophetic/ stuff about being a vessel of Holy Spirit , I was soooooooo glad she went there that night!

Then we got a lift home with Simonne . 

Lola is thrilled about not starting college next week in a wheelchair!

Today we went to town with  her on just the crutches! As I’ve changed crochet day to Wednesday. Dad said he’d meet me there with my phone, so imagine my surprise when we arrived in Fruit And Fibres to see Mirren  sitting having had her lunch!

We had a lovely afternoon, Hannah (the owner) joined us for a moment’s knitting, and dad had a coffee and cake and checked out my home-from-home!

Then he got back to the trains and Mum, Lola and I popped to Boots and then got the bus back. Exhausting!

Meanwhile Ruby went to Emilia’s to help around the house, Jojo was at tennis. Fred had the computer game to himself. 



Eggs galore (part 1 of 7856)

We are in Stafford, beginning the epic job of cataloguing mum’s decorated egg collection. 

Ruby had her separators put in yesterday morning and they are quite effective! She’s in a bit of pain, not surprising as her teeth are being moved! But she will have to get used to it, it’ll all be worth it…

We had lunch with Mum in the Soup Kitchen obviously! It was lovely. 

I bought this fabulous bag in WH Smith.

Mum has mixed this garish Red Heart yarn from Florida  with some pale mint and it actually looks pretty! (I had run out of ideas)

I am crocheting this strange item with sock yarn:

So my Lola has dislocated her knee or something and is with Nathan’s family in Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead, getting x-rayed. Ruby and I have come to Maccies  purely to use the WiFi. 

I went to see Shaquille yesterday in Alder Hey.  He didn’t look as bad as I thought thankfully! It’s a difficult time for the family, but he’ll be better soon, please pray for them! They are such a lovely bunch. ❤


This morning I was quite low and feeling overwhelmed about stuff. I was trying to get the boys to do some work, Jojo is a bit fed up of all the schoolwork and he  always gets a bit stressed in preparation for Cadets…

Then my lovely Simonne rang as she sensed I was feeling down. She had some encouragement for me as she has a very similar brain style and she understands the mess situation. Then I looked up some advice for people like me in an online magazine call Additude.  It was full of hints n tips.

Then Ruby went to her course at the cathedral and I took the boys to lunch in Wahaca. It’s so colourful!

The boys headed straight for a gold sofa!

And I just love the food, obviously, but the colour schemes in there are fab too! Check out that tiled floor.

I had spiced pineapple amongst other things. 

And then back home and Jojo got straight to work scanning his work into an email… as you can see…

This huge bear.

Fred (right, in lilac, barely visible) and coach Dave in blue.

This morning I had a lovely talk with Penny. We really hadn’t seen each other since before Gdansk, so I heard all about her new job and it tied into some questions I had about Ruby’s future home/activities opportunities. 

Penny was very encouraging.  Sometimes it’s difficult to see what I’ve done all day – often it’s very clear that it wasn’t cooking or cleaning. And she encourages me to count all the things I have done (metaphorically- I don’t sit there actually counting jobs!) 

Then Ruby, Fred and I went to Tennis. It’s usually Jojo going these days, but he was a bit sulky over all this maths and so I thought I’d take Fred. There was a charity fundraising thing on, and unfortunately we won this bear! 

It’s 4 foot 5 tall and really plump. Fred loved it of course! And bizarrely so did his coach, who insisted on getting his photo taken with it on court “get the Head racquet in the pic”!!

How to get it home! No way am I struggling onto the bus with that. Chris and Di’s live near the tennis club, and thankfully they came and drove Fred and “Jolene” home. (I won it for a quid by guessing it was called Jolene) but pretty sure Fred will christen it a boy. Fred guessed it was called Brooklyn, that might stick.

Fred was the only kid who turned up, so he had an hour’s  private lesson, all for £5! Fab! He worked hard in the hot sun. And was even polite and picked up the balls afterwards. 

We also bought some lovely homemade cookies and cakes there.

Then Ruby and I got the 75 to Woolton to collect the clothes from the launderette. 

It’s hot. 

Some stuff

While we were getting Jojo’s uniform Fred had his final maths lesson with Anna as she’s moving down south to work for Open Doors. She was very nice, made maths fun and it was nice to know Fred isn’t behind in maths . 

We finally set up the printer to scan so Jojo can email his penned diagrams to school. Then Mrs B marks them and sends back with comments:

He’s doing year 8 maths at the moment as you can’t skip anything in maths (oh sorry I just fell asleep) and apparently they are just making maths GCSE harder in some way for next year. Snore.

I have found Mrs B’s incessant chivvying rather stressful in the texts and emails, but in real life it’s said in a friendly tone of voice, she really is working very hard to help Jojo not feel anxious when he gets into class.

Jojo did make the enchiladas under my instruction yesterday, but apart from that he basically did schoolwork all day. (Oh yeah like normal people’s kids!)

Ruby, Fred and I took 6 large bags of clothes to the launderette- all from R’s room! Still,  it’s easy to tidy when every scrap of clothing is removed.  And we had lunch in the Old Hardware Shop as usual on launderette days.

I made carrot soup. 

The days are full, very full, though I’m struggling to remember what we did! 

I love the hymn, “I know not why God’s wondrous grace…” And it comes from a bit of 2 Tim so I am trying to memorise 2 Timothy.  I needed something different to do Bible-wise so this is it. I am learning one verse a day, also looking it up in German and translating it. I am going with the modern  “Hoffnug für Alle” version. 

I am absolutely mad on my German at the moment, doing it every day with Duolingo. Duolingo tells me that i am 27% fluent. Is there an international scale of fluency? 

 R is doing some simple dutch on her phone app. Dutch is really fun as the accent is quite theatrical! 

School uniform 

Sunday night the girls and I went to Emilia’s, we took food and made dinner and enjoyed a laugh with Joe and Emilia and Olivia. Then I made a short list of things for E to pack in her bag for the hospital . *I referred to a pregnancy book obviously! I don’t have that sort of info stored in the brain. We had a really lovely time. 

This morning we took our laptop to CFS so Mrs B could see what our problem was with their online assignment -setting program for Jojo’s maths (its working fine for the french) .

Then we went and queued in Lazer for his CFS jumper and tie, and got him some school shoes. 

So Uniform ✔

and bag full of stationery ✔.

Pop up wool show / getting lost! 

Lee and Jojo went down south to the open day at Alec’s  work, looks like they had a lot of fun. 

Ruby and I went to Emilia’s for a bit Friday night and then Olivia slept over at ours so she could come on this day trip to Port Sunlight to a “pop-up wool show”. 

We met Mirren at South Parkway. We got the train to Port Sunlight and had a tea and cake in this cute cafe, 

Drama was provided by 2 of the cakes having a bit of mould underneath! Urgh!

Then we went to the Wool Show. It really was all about wool. 

Lots of gorgeous things to look at, but we didn’t buy anything as it was genuinely Wool, the kind that needs hand washing or whatever, so also expensive. We really enjoyed the colours!

Olivia did a bit of weaving. 

Then we got on a bus going the wrong way  and ended up, not in Birkenhead but Thornton Hough, a small village in the middle of nowhere, a bit stranded, not even a shop was open so we had lunch in a pub there called the Seven Stars. It was okay. Then back on the bus to the Abakhans in Birkenhead.  

I got this gorgeous yarn called Sprite in colourway Corfu.

And I’ve made these. 


Friday Friday.

I wanted to spend some time thinkingabout God and reading the bible this morning.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get into. I listened to a sermon on youtube, then looked at Ephesians 1:8-14 with Fred.  Then I memorised Romans 1: 20.  

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

And I always pray to be a blessing to people I meet, to encourage them to trust in God. And when I pray for that, it tends to happen!

Ruby came to Fruit And Fibres with me today. We had lunch, and no customers. So Ruby crocheted the above granny square, and we got time to chat with Hannah the owner. Which was lovely. 


I was a bit late picking blackcurrants, so there aren’t many. And we have a big cherry Tree, but the only ones the birds haven’t got to, are the few growing in the shade of the fence. 

I got a few blackberries from the wild bit at the back,  and just took a pic of the blueberries as they are looking good!

I’ve made 3 jars. 

But I’m not sure if it’ll set! 

Oh boy! The drama of the emails passing between Mrs Boulton  (head of upper school at CFS) and Jojo, and the texts she keeps sending me , about all the work he hasn’t done! I’ve proper shouted at poor old Jojo about it all today. I’ve just remembered that I haven’t prayed about any of this and I didn’t get any sleep.  

Similarly I have had a go at Ruby today, as she was stepping out the front door, she announced that she didn’t know what time she was starting today! 

Prayer and sleep. 


In the evening I went to my local Starbucks charity quiz, making up a ream with 8 people from church, age range 12 to 80! It was really fun especially the 23 snippets of 90s pop ! 

We came 3rd of 5! 

Also, Samantha got me these fab gladioli that I’ve tried to arrange: 

Gorgeous pop of colour! Bringing some beauty and colour into my life, much like the giver! 💕

I couldn’t sleep at all, so I came down, did some stuff in the kitchen, had some potato curry and watched another David Wilkinson video.  Yay for youtube! 

Then I watched the remaining episodes of Blå Ögon while destoning the plums we foraged. 

I’m really thankful to the Lord for giving me peace! I’ve got far too much to deal with at the moment and I’m trying to remember to leave it all with Him! 

I’ve spoken to the electrician about finishing off a few little jobs.