To Hel and back!

We got a train, changed at Gdynia and it  took about 2 hours to get to Hel!

It’s at the end of a headland, a lovely sandy beach holiday place.

As soon as we got off the train, we left our dignity at the station and got into this buggy, Mariola and I were in the back seat facing out the back.

It was a tour, it took us to the lighthouse, old military bunker etc. Apparently at the end of ww2, when Germany had capitulated or whatever, the Germans posted at Hel wouldn’t give up! *couldn’t be bothered to listen to how that story ended*

Then to the fishing port of Hel.

We had lunch, E and M asking lots of questions about the fresh fish they were ordering.  sałat n frytki for me though!

We went to the beach, it was warm and sunny. Me in the Baltic Sea:

Also this blue roof took my fancy!

I wandered about a little while they lay on the beach. I went in a supermarket and tried to ask the whereabouts of a post box . Found one in the end!

Then we went in the Museum of fishing (!) Which was in a lovely building. 

This fab moodily-lit boat is on a glass floor! Which was scarey! Also there were some chunky wooden horse-clogs labelled “Klumpy”. Yep!

Then we went up the tower (in a lift this time thankfully). A view:

Across the water, on the sea horizon to the right, not necessarily  visible in this picture, is Gdańsk. 

Then we went to the other beach , to see the more “open sea” bit of the Baltic.

Then we went for a szarlotka, apple cake. Then we got on the boat for the return leg of our trip! It left at 10 past 8pm, the sun was just going down. It  took almost 2 hours including 40 mins through the dark spooky shipyards at Gdańsk. Which Emilia absolutely loves. She’s crane mad!

And then towards the centre of town. 

Where we parked next to this fake pirate ship. We were on a catamaran, and coming in to park (I don’t know the boaty word for park!) We just turned around in a very small space, no trouble!

Then the tram home. An absolutely exhausting and fascinating day.

Mariola took this one of us. Cute, huh?


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