I have sent off my passport for renewal, bound to need it soon!!

Jojo’s school play is  The Hiding Place, on March 2st, 2nd and 3rd at 7pm if anyone’s interested!

I am not sleeping very well at nights.  Ik slaap niet goed ‘s nachts.  It’s okay in one sense as I simply don’t make any appointments for mornings and take it slowly.

This morning it was lovely and sunny. Ruby and I met lovely Tanya at Starbucks for a chat and then she dropped us at Calderstones park . we had a good long walk in the sun, walking through the park an on to Allerton Road . we had a browse in the 2nd hand shops, R bought a few  90s or 2000’s (?) cameras. Just £2 jobs purely for decoration. She likes them. Then a bit of snazzy lunch in Furrow – she had ceviche and I had a salad with dried parsnips!


this is the centre of Woerden near Utrecht. I would like to go there!




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