Gateway ladies lunch ­čĺľ & final BSF

Hello.  Today was my farewell lunch with wonderful ladies from lovely Gateway Church.

T made 2 super soups, mine was carrot n parsnip, with a kick of chili. yum! & we had a lovely┬ásunny peaceful fun time with me, my 2 girls, and about 10 others. I received a book and also some┬ácash to buy myself a nice dress! What a sweet, Marian-specific gift! They have loved us so well. Then there was a bit of tears ‘n’ hugs.

I have had to start saying No to people when they ask “oh can I pop and see you on…” which is not something I enjoy.

It was the final BSF of the year last night, I was thrilled to be present! -usually it would be in June.┬á They have changed the format of “Sharing Night” and we began in our groups around tables with cakes, and then went on as usual, using the time to worship in a hymn or two, then individuals can give a little testimony into the microphone. The┬ávision of BSF is To Magnify God and Mature His People. So we would say something that we learned or a special piece of Bible relating to that, from this years study: the book of John.

It’s always very emotional as people have been personally touched by the Lord in such varied and intense ways!┬á H from our group had written a lovely poem/prayer. I got a copy afterwards.

Also I got some gifts and cards…some of these ladies I have known quite a while – Jojo was 3 weeks old when I enrolled at BSF. I received some home made marmalade, this lovely coaster and a big framed piece of Psalms to put on the wall in my new home.



How gorgeous.

“See if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”






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