Meal with Grandparents

Last night we had a fire, Lola was staying over at E’s.  I put O to bed. It is a big wrench knowing we won’t have that cosy bedtime again ! 😭 Then we had a nice glass of wine and chatted until midnight.

Monday morning Lee & I had a lovely breakfast in The Elephant, Woolton. Then took some big bags of towels to the launderette. I have emailed two schools asking for appointments for my boys to ISK. Then chased up the final quote for removals. That is all my email work for today. I find such work quite energy-sapping. Lee packed his case & threw a load of clothes to charity shop. (yes Lee: took about ten mins to do something I have been working at for months!) LOL.

Mum & dad came in the afternoon and we had a cuppa, then went to Widnes to Frankie and Benny’s for a lovely meal. There was quite a lot of travel logistics involved!




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