Last Sunday at Gateway *sniff*

It really is quite close by!


This morning all the kids came to church as we were getting “prayed out”. There was an excellent sermon from Mark about Jesus speaking with authority in the temple and turning out impure spirits with authority, looking at the word authority relating to Jesus being the author of all life.

Then I spoke for a couple of minutes including the phrase “I am amazing”! because why not! And the 3 older kids came out the front to be prayed for, F chose to remain in his place and that was ok, because they love us. They prayed for us, especially Psalm 16 and said the Aaronic blessing over us and Jonny had a prophetic encouragement about our having been here as training for the next adventure! Absolutely.

It was very sweet. Then a few hugs everywhere and we met Lee at KFC. got Ruby a suitcase and now we must puzzle over what is going in suitcases and what is going in a pallet of boxes, and what remains to go into storage.

I am off to E’s for my last Sunday Tea for a while.





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