Treat yo’self!

In the words of Tom Haverford, “Treat yo’self!”

I got these 3 dresses in Debenhams yesterday in a bit called Mantaray.


Lola helped as I find shopping quite unpleasant. currently a size 20, so you can’t shop in any old clothes shop. And I knew I wanted something either greeny turquoise to bright blue. And something I really liked.

Then we got these 2 pairs of shoes, same brand, Vans, because Lola swears they are comfortable for a lot of walking ( she does walk a lot.) One full price, one 1/2 price in TK Maxx.


This morning Lee & I had our brekkie at the Tavern and then popped to Matalan for big suitcases. Then got Lola & went to TK Maxx where she chose these rather fab rose gold matching cases.


(the peach pink one is mine). I say a girl should have matching cases if someone is offering to buy her them!


Furthermore, Karen Frost just posted this pic on facebook, apparently it was school leaving day. 1992. she’s the blonde in a peach skirt & I’m lurking behind her shoulder. Quite a range of teen facial expressions there huh!



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