Hi Wednesday morning Fred and I nipped to Asda with a couple of errands and then I got him to do a bowl of washing up, which wasn’t as simple as it sounds! Then I went to sleep as we had a date with friends at the Otterspool Harvester. We had a really lovely time and after the meal the 3 boys played hide & seek outside for about an hour.


awful colours cos it was getting dark.


It was lovely to see them so involved!

The Relocation Help people have contacted 2 Amsterdam schools with ISK: international switch classes that have places available. That’s classes specifically for non-Dutch speakers. The boys will probably have to go to these as soon as we get there. They are not too enamoured by this idea but I am! I am planning to spend time looking after myself in that posh flat!

Thanks for my pink diary mum, when you bought me it I had no idea how useful it would become for all my organising & planning to move across the continent!!

Thurs morning Fred cycled & I walked to Hunts Cross about 1.5 miles to the bank, then he got a bus home & I cycled. I have dropped a paper in the solicitors in Garston, then noticed the old fashioned bakery open, so treated us to some tarts & such baked on the premises. It’s still about 1975 in there, and the people who own/work it are about 75 too. I got egg custards, rhubarb tart & blackcurrant tart. Had a nice phone call with my sister.

Thursday evening I went to homegroup at Jonny & Simonne’s. Obviously I’m rather tired with all this socialising, and I am acting out the emotional side of leaving by getting angry every time someone says “We’ll miss you!” (approx. 1000 times a week!) so I got a bit shouty in homegroup, which was quite funny actually!






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