Friday with the Fisher Clan

This morning I was planning to tidy up, but got a text from Emilia to go for breakfast together at Dobbies.

As you see massive bags under the eyes, I can barely see over them before 11am. This handsome guy has had a new “Matt Damon” haircut and is eating more different things, and saying mamamamama a lot.

Then we had some good chats. From there I went straight to town with Lola & she helped me choose 3 dresses & a pair of trainers. Cos my trousers are literally falling apart.

Then it was 5pm so we hitched a lift with Lee to his mum’s, as we were having takeaway dinner with the Fisher Clan. Matthew (27?) & Natalie, Brandon (20), Sarah with Ben & Lois (approx. 8 and 5) were all there with Laurie & Edith. We had tea and a good laugh. Laurie & Edith have already sent off their passport applications, they really are raring to come visit us! It was a very fun evening. Laurie did take some pics, so I will try to get hold of them.

dob3Another busy day, another farewell dinner type thing. We are very much loved.


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