Two surveyors have been this morning for packing quotes for all our furniture and personal effects. It occurred to me that they could pack all our stuff & move it after we’ve gone. Surely that would be easier? As long as we have a key drop arrangement and a clear list of the few things we’re not taking.


I finished this book, I wasn’t as cringeworthy or predictable as the cover suggests!

I am reading Report For Murder by Val McDermid now.

Jojo looked a bit ill yesterday so he’s in bed today.

I haven’t got to pack anything, except the 1 or 2 suitcases each we are taking on Moving Day. But can’t really pack those yet as I only own about 4 sets of clothes altogether & I need to wear them. But I want to go thru the kitchen cupboards and all the half-empty shelving units & really purge stuff. I find it Very Difficult to make decisions about all this guff. Also I’m really tired so I might just not do any today.

I have someone to meet / I am out every single evening this week, which is fun/regrettable! I must rest each afternoon to survive this.

I am filling in my tax credits form, which feels like a complete waste of time!


Happy thoughts of the future!


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