Intro to Amsterdam – part 2

Later I napped and Lee walked with the girls for a drink in a chic bit of town. Saturday night we had tea in a small Turkish place near the centre. There are 6 of us & we had no reservations, so we just ate at the 1st place that could seat us all outside.

Then the girls & I took a walk all over the central areas of town & saw all kinds of sights, for hours. It was really fun and exhausting. We really enjoy getting to know the routes etc. Above right, it says “Read the bible, the book for you” on that building.

We also checked out some shops, had a load of fresh bakery goods for  breakfast, Fred bought some ‘hagelslag’, the chocolate sprinkles that you have on bread. Today we had lunch in the café of the Historical Swimming baths near the Museum Square. It was fab. We found people very friendly and accommodating. I was really impressed with the Rijksmuseum building – you can cycle right through it!

There is so much to explore. We are feeling very positive about it all!




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