Intro to Amsterdam part 1

Wow! We have got back from our 3 days in Amsterdam. May I say it was quite fraught at times, travel tensions especially. And our family dynamics are always awkward to negotiate. But actual being in Amsterdam , we LOVED IT!

Our houseboat was in a handy, central-ish position, and we enjoyed the watery freedom. But the urban side was a lot of night noise. It was a bit shabby (bathroom, of which I shall speak no more!) and cramped, but a good fun experience.

We took trains & trams. I didn’t even bother finding out about any bus routes. The transport was very good, frequent, efficient, easy to use. The bikes whizz past at an alarming rate, but we will soon enjoy whizzing about in the same way. Don’t wanna sound like a nerd, but we kept being impressed by the infrastructure!


Above, a gorgeous mosaic ceiling, and tired people on a clean, comfortable train.

We had 2 gorgeous sunny days and today was a bit wet but warm.

The Friday we got there and wanted showers & rests but instead hastened to his new boss’s on foot. I was so not in a good mood by then, from coping with everyone and travel. Feet were killing, we were sweaty,  some of us were frazzled. I was trying to be cheerful & chivvy the slow walker and get ready to cheerfully, not tearfully, meet his new co-workers. ARGH! I was praying to be cheerful and wondering if this situation is what God wanted. He has given me freedom, no?

As soon as I realised I could just turn around and go straight to the houseboat and lie down if I wanted, I got OK. We trudged there and had a wonderful evening. “A” was extremely gracious & good host, we all relaxed, had lovely chats with 4 international people Lee will be working with & 1 wife. The food was lovely & she had provided thoughtfully for the kids. Wow! What a lovely lady and dare I say what a different atmosphere than of K&N UK folks. YAY!

We got an Uber taxi back and though extremely tired, we weren’t sleepy, so just talked about what we had seen, and listened to the geese honking and the trams rumbling very close by. Thankfully we are going to be living somewhere much quieter and far out of town!!


Saturday: Artis Zoo in the Plantage area of town. It was highly recommended and rightly so! Plantage is a beautiful decorative gardeny area, and the zoo is quite upmarket and is excellent. We had a fab time.




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