Friends Round

Well, Lee obviously didn’t learn a lesson* about making us suddenly socialise on an empty stomach after a hot flight, because he just invited our friends the Ahmeds round this evening before we’d had tea or anything! I was really glad though as time is running out and I haven’t seen them for a couple of years. The boys are 14 and 10 and little princess Noor is 5. They looked so grown up! I sent the 4 boys to the chippy for us.  S told her boys they’d get beaten up by the locals, a slight exaggeration! They were fine. It was wonderful to see them, We’ve known S since they married in 1999, and Lee’s known the hubby literally about 27 years. S and I had a lot to agree on about mothering! She is on a health research advisory board now, sounds interesting.


A couple of Lee’s pics of the kids at Artis Zoo.


*or maybe he did



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