Our apartment can be seen here!


And it is found a bit closer to Amsterdam itself, than I imagined, super!


My lad is very pleased with his £5 Volcom coat. Just the colours he likes, and it goes with his trainers. We went in TK Maxx to look at suitcases and found this coat is quite “in”!

We were quite shocked that the smallest cheapest cabin bag/suitcase in TK Maxx were £40 each so went to Tesco and got some more reasonably priced ones, the kids chose their own colours.

I have just given Cheddar the cat away to a nice couple who were recommended by a friend.  Obviously we all have feelings about this and Fred did a bit of screaming and blaming, but it was soon over.  He was fine choosing his suitcase colour and thinking about decorating it.










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