Stafford & Rugeley

Friday I got the train to Stafford for my last pre-move weekend at mum & dad’s. Mum had got this gorgeous Gudrun dress which wasn’t what she’d imagined, so I had it. It’s a dream. It doesn’t fit me at all, but it’s a work of art!

I was very tired, didn’t do much at all except we looked at some stuff about Amsterdam on the internet, and on Saturday mum and I went to Rugeley. We revisited Carole’s yarn shop and had a fab lunch of cheese & potato pie in Roses Café. We went in a few 2nd hand shops and I got a bright turquoise and orange coat for Fred and a very plain grey Linen mix coat for me, quite nice quality.

I mostly slept, which I can do just as well in my own home so I came back a bit earlier than usual on Sunday morning, and I have got lots of washing done in between napping! What a life!

Lee has taken R & F to nan’s, Lola has gone to Splash World with friends and Jojo is playing PS4 with 2 friends he has known as long as we’ve lived here. I am reading this Val McDermid “Out Of Bounds” which I got in Rugeley market.


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