The Crosby Tea Rooms.

On Tuesday didn’t do much, gone all tired and fatigued again. Not sure if leftovers from tonsillitis or due to night-time jaw problem.  So I did some email & phone work pertaining to cat and furniture logistics, and then P came over to claim 2 kids desks and some sewing gubbins I was decluttering. We had a nice chat and crochet discussions.

Ruby’s YPAS free counselling sessions have finished. I didn’t realise you only get a certain number of sessions – Good timing I suppose! I didn’t go to BSF as so tired. I watched another episode of the Fjallbacka Murders. It’s very good. And it hasn’t featured much blood or seediness so far. It’s got main characters who have a healthy home relationship. That’s most odd for a detective series.

I hadn’t realised that the nice Relocation Person hadn’t been able to book us into the usual expat housing place because of the cat! So I prayed to know what to do about it.

I woke up Wednesday quite sure that we should tell her to book us into the place as if we don’t have a cat. Either someone in UK will have our cat for the 3 months or *ahem* longer.  Or something.  It’s a cat.  It can’t interfere with our life development!! So that’s done. So we will have an address shortly!

So my Lovely Friend sent me this voucher for afternoon tea for 4 at 1:30 in Crosby Tea Rooms yesterday. I had some errands in town so got there with Lola, Ruby and Fred. Emilia and the Cutest Kid joined us. Fred had waffles with banana and peanut butter and the rest of us had the afternoon tea. I must say the freshly baked scones were still warm and were amazing! They had a much lighter consistency than I would associate with scones. Smelled Fab too! It’s a nice place and I would go back.


I went back to Emilia’s after, I haven’t been round for about 3 weeks. We looked some stuff up in the Bible, talked, had a slight drama with Olivia (!), Sam said “Poo” a lot, while smiling – not sure if he meant it literally – he’s only 8 months! He looked thrilled with himself for making a new noise! Then Joe came home. Last time I saw him he had had a seemingly successful job interview. Well he starts on Monday! Wow, It is a much better job with a chance to grow, and it’s in town v close to a train station. So his massive commute will be greatly reduced. Hurrah! -more time with the family at last!

Had some fajita wraps, read a bit of “Grandpa’s Great Escape” to Olivia & prayed with her, and then (she has a great talent to eking out bedtime by asking interesting questions) talked about eyelashes, tattoos etc! I love that girl!




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