“May the 4th be with you”

“And also with you”


This is the same Persian Tile in Head Over Heels in “Fuji” colourway & including the white detailing on the edges.

Today I made some calls about furniture quotes, watched a Swedish tv show, I do mainly listen, because my eyes are busy following the crochet pattern. I do understand a *bit* of the Swedish, but I really noticed the last couple of days, lots of Swedish words that are quite close to the Dutch i.e. Always = altid / altijd.

Lola & I walked to Morrissons. Got Fred to cook burgers for the kids tea and I mixed a macaroni cheese pasta bake with a tin of Stagg vegetarian chilli. It was delicious. Had a laugh with my lovely Penny cos we really do just go in each other’s houses and ask for lots of stuff in a way that many might consider impertinent!!


Crochet: See these little  white “X”s around the edge of the octagon will connect to other little white Xs. it’s cute.





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