Prayer & Praise Sunday

Hello, it was my final door duty on Sunday morning.  It’s fun welcoming people in with my partner Alf, a fun, active older gent. We get on well.  It was nice and sunny too, which makes it a nice job.  I cycled to church cos I’m selling Lee’s old bike to someone there.  It only took about 5 mins to cycle there.  The “preach” as they call it there, was all about Truth & it was good. Later we had a prayer & praise evening 6-10. It was praise and worship first, Fred came with me, but went to KFC and then home after an hour. Then we prayed for 3 hours, which flew past! It was quite hard work, but their prayers are rather dramatic and full of bible verses, which encourages you to realise Someone very powerful is listening and acting on our prayers. It’s very good. I gave them an update on Shaq & the family, and asked them to pray for them moving forward.

SJALOOM! that’s Shalom in Dutch. I have been learning lots of my fave worship songs in Dutch by watching them on on youtube with the lyrics up.



I’m pretty thrilled with these Persian Tiles crochet! I have adapted it a little from the original pattern, but I would like to try the original too, it’s got a lot of definition detailing in white that I haven’t included here.

Lee and I have been the Tavern for breakfast as Bank Hols count as Saturdays, right?
Also breakfasts are half price before 9am in May, so it all came to £5.80!! including bottomless hot drinks.

Last night, Lovely Old Lady read out a little something about If We Could See Our Prayers. I think perhaps she’d written it. it was very good and thought provoking.



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