Black Sheep Wools 2nd trip – it’s still fabulous!


Sam, Shaq and I went to Black Sheep Wools, it’s out in the country in Cheshire or somewhere. It’s a very good yarn & craft shop with a cake ‘n’ tea shop inside. Shaquille behaved extremely well at a place that held no interest for him whatsoever. We had fun. I bought these – quite restrained shopping I think.


Also, next door’s progress with the fence:


my phone camera refused to focus.

and here’s a bit of my apple tree (I’ll miss it!)


So then I had a lovely long chat with my sister all about my exciting move! I really feel like I’m being carried in the Lord’s hands, very smoothly and safely, rather like a mild log flume ride, but instead of water, riding from blessing to blessing.

Here’s a fun video about some Dutch stuff in a Dutch supermarket.

also this page shows some homes like we are expecting to rent in future:

And here’s a slightly updated map:


Amstelveen, in the red ring, where our temporary home will be, and we think also our future one. Lee’s work is shown on the right with a red place marker coming out of a yellow star. It’s about 30 mins cycle according to Google maps.







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