It is Wednesday.

Hey!  We are at the epicentre of an extremely mild bidding war! It’s up to £72,500 right now. Woah!

This morning I have chatted with Penny, then been to the dump with Emilia .  And then lunch at the Harvester, I sat next to the cutest boy in the world.

Speaking of cute people, I sneakily took this photo the other day:


So currently I am getting packing & shipping surveyors to come, look in my house, and quote for the possessions to be moved across. It is a massive relief that the Viewings Stage is over. I am still a bit more tired than usual. Trying to take things slowly and get more help around the house. Which, if anyone remembers having teens, is an exhausting job LOL

This evening we had our 1st, quick visit from a social worker with regards to Jojo staying. Just a quick fact gathering one. Someone else will come next week.




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