Sunday morning it was gorgeous and sunny, so I went for a cycle to Church Road in Hale, a pretty posh place with lovely gardens. It was 6 miles round trip and I got back at 7.30am.  As I cycled I thanked the Lord for all He’s doing in our lives!

After church I met Cathy and we had a lovely lunch and chat at our usual café, sat outside in the bright sun, with a bit of a breeze, so we had our coats on. very British! In fact I have caught the sun.

cinema2Fred and I cycled to the Retail this morning. Here’s the cinema and restaurants complex they are building. Where Curry’s used to be.  TOO LATE! We’re OFF!


Penny came and gleaned some stuff, she’s getting a great deal out of this moving malarkey!! Also, her new fence got delivered this morning. Her husband has his work cut out there! It’s a long fence and I guess he is digging the footings himself!

Speaking of footings, I just got a pair of sketchers trainers with memory foam inside and they are so comfortable. Fab.

This morning I have done a counter-offer (thru the estate agent) to the best offer we have received for our house.








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