A blessing in the form of a neighbour.

The boys left early and I thought I’d get my yarns out.


These colours I am working with on my current blanket. Only me and R in the house and, you know, she’s pretty quiet in the mornings!

I will miss my garden a bit, I am looking forward to having something small enough to keep in order, and I’ll get some potted plants as soon as we get there.

I’ve been listening to a funny northern detective series on BBC Iplayer called the Blackburn Files. It’s clean and gentle, the humour is in the use of vernacular.

In the morning  I’ve been in Penny’s having a chat and such a laugh with her and her daughter!  It was lovely, we are celebrating 10 wonderful years of neighbour- & friendship. (Rather than getting sad about splitting up you see.)

Ruby and I popped to Hunts Cross and paid the rest of the vet’s bill, then walked back with some shopping. Then she got on the ps4 and I listened to a huge amount of the Very Best of Elton John, singing along. I learnt all the words to it hanging around with Zoe a long time ago, doing our paper rounds, we would meet up at a certain point and walk along singing together. ! It was a much needed rest day after all the work & fatigue of the last couple of weeks.


This is feeling a bit large now, it’s more than a metre square. But there is lots more to do.  The stripes are really fun as you can choose any colour, any pattern, any depth each time. and the bobbles are very 3D.



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