Thursday, vets

I’m utterly washed out and cream crackered today! In the morning there was a misunderstanding with R, then the girls and I took a big pile to the launderette and had a lunch in The Old Hardware Store.

Thought I had a viewing at 1.30, tried to nap, turned out there wasn’t a viewing. Sent some kids to retrieve the clean washing and took Cheddar to the vet. Cos (1) he has not been the same since his brother died. (2) we need a cat passport, microchip n stuff. (3) he has a lump on his rear and is holding his tail oddly.

Lola and I shoved him in the cat travel carrier. He has not been in it for 2 years and he lurched about alarmingly, and he is really heavy! It was touch n go whether he would break loose.  The vet’s isn’t really near a bus stop so I had to walk! Anyway it was an abscess, most likely caused by fighting. He sat nice and calm while the vet shaved his back a bit with clippers. Then washed the area and gave him 2 injections. One for pain and one for antibiotics. That’s that sorted, but it means we can’t do Passport vaccinations for a further 2 weeks til the antibiotics is finished. So we are rather significantly late with all that now.  Shall we just say he is way low in my priorities.

So tonight’s palaver is that the boys are leaving at 6.45am tomorrow for Regenerate, the yoof weekend in Edinbugh. So they are packing their bags etc.



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