some more viewings…

To sum up. Fred had his polio-dip-tet booster, which other kids have at school at his age. Then nipped to the shop for a loaf of bread and came across G, our lovely Polish friend, who is just here for a short visit to her family, how lovely to see her.


Jojo went to a sleepover with schoolmates and enjoyed himself v much.

Ella R came and slept over, we played cluedo with our boys, then went to bed at 10.

Ruby and I nipped to Widnes today. We got a Marlenka cake or 3 off our lovely friend, and some yarns.

Just had a lot of viewings. I would say that Move Residential are certainly earning their fee!  ( ). I prefer viewings where the people are actually thinking of living here, not buy-to-let. Then you can chat about the cherry tree, or their teens choosing the bedrooms, or a granddad telling me about his n-gauge railway. When he got up in the loft and saw how big it is, he said he could double his layout!


Anyway there’s been a lot, and we have had some offers, one of which is our minimum acceptable amount, Good! but we have a few more, and see if a better offer comes. I will be glad to finish the viewings chapter of our life though, as it is tiring.










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