Easter Monday ’17

So Easter passed quietly for me, undoubtedly the others had some merriment with the extended Jones’ family . And we had noticeably a lot less chocolate than previously, yet all seemed content. In the afternoon Lola dyed my grey bits with some red and blue leftover dyes she had.





Bank holiday Monday we were both awake early, so headed to the Tavern for 7am breakfast. then picked up Jojo and schoolmate Ted to deliver them to a sleepover in Broadgreen. Now I have sorted out the 3! – 3! boxes of general bathroom junk, that we hid away on the day the Estate Agent took photos. And thrown a whole binbag-full of it away. Why do we have so much stuff?! So, all over the house there are boxes we hid on that day, and which need to be weeded out over the next couple of weeks.

J showed me her pics from a conference she’s just been to in the Netherlands, enthusing about how easy and different it is to cycle there! Great, bring it on!!


So this week, just viewings, a couple of appointments and sorting some house stuff out. The boys have a conference in Edinburgh this coming weekend called “Regenerate”. Tony & Joy are taking 17 teenagers!



is my house advert.

Lola and I watched some fun youtube videos about dutch food and fashion, then we went for a cycle to Hunt’s Cross, Halewood, Halebank, Hale and home – about 7.5 miles.

it was nice and sunny and one bit, Ramsbrook Lane, was very nice and open country & smelled gorgeously of the flowery crops. Lovely.






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