He is risen indeed!


I had a very quiet afternoon, crocheted some more of this blanket, using the Spice Of Life CAL stitches.


And I watched Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café.


it’s worth watching every few years.


So, I had another night’s sleep. So that’s 2 nights sleep and 2 nights I didn’t use my new gumshield. I did put it in last night but it cut my mouth in 3 places, I plastered my mouth in Vaseline, then needed to talk to someone…so wiped it all off… so I don’t really want to use it again. The results of not using it (headaches and jaw pains) have not been too harsh the last couple of days.

Sunday all the kids came to church for Easter worship. That meant two trips as we don’t all fit in the car anymore! Thankfully it’s close by.

It’s Easter morning every morning in my heart, as I wake up and give thanks for Life, true Life, and defeat over the power of sin and death. But I was quite overcome today with joy at the truth of deliverance and freedom.

We had Nigel preaching, the beloved former preacher, from before our time. He is a very good bible teacher, everyone says, but I think It was God’s perfect timing that brought us there after he left! No offence!! Then I chatted with his lovely wife, and we had a delightful Easter-y buffet.

Lee made us a pork dinner with all the veg n trimmings. I brought home a platter of homemade cakes etc from the buffet too. We ate around the dinner table, as I want to get into practice for once we’ve moved!

One of my house-viewers asked me what church I go to the other day, and I told him about it and he did indeed come along today. I didn’t actually get a chance to speak to him, but I saw that others were taking an interest in him.


Not a very good snap, but they had replaced the crown of thorns with a wreath of gorgeous red roses today, which I thought very good.



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