Good Friday 2017

Hello, I didn’t feel very good today but I wanted to go to the Good Friday service to have some time dedicated to thinking about Jesus & his unbeatable act of love for us. It was good, with Abby (16) preaching about the impact Jesus had on the world. very interesting! Then had a hot cross bun. I came home and tried to have a sleep as we had 3 viewings scheduled for 4, 4:30 and 5.

So got up at 3 and lurched about with Lee hiding stuff and cleaning the odd surface. One of the visitors was a nice family from my own street who think this would be a good starter home for their own daughter & they are right! I would love to think of it staying in safe hands, for Penny’s sake.  and quite frankly it is really spacious for a couple who haven’t even started having kids yet!

One of the others was Quite Interesting! They were very chatty, asked a lot of personal questions and I kept saying, “You’ll have to ask the estate agent about that!” !! I had a bit of a fever throughout but the work is done now and I’m going back to bed.

I am confident that the Lord will provide us with the offer we need and in good time. So I have no worries about what or when.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He can certainly intervene with a piffling sales transaction for the people He loves!

We are all getting increasingly excited for move. Lee has received some more HR related bumf, nothing of interest yet. And now I will listen to some Philippa Hanna and doze. x




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