more viewings & surprise visitors

So  a Lithuanian family came to view last evening. About half an hour before, I said, “Lee why don’t you take all the kids out for a bit?” to get them out of the way, but it totally backfired as the viewers came early and R was having a bit of a tantrum!

Anyway. In the night I kept snoring and waking myself up again all night. I decided to look at the clock every time I awoke, to see how long I was sleeping. It was 2 minutes!

I can’t live without sleep, so I have been on the honey-and-lemon redbush tea, and I’m avoiding sugar. I’m pretty sure it’s tonsillitis.

I had a bath and went to Asda with Fred early this morning to get him some clothes, his trousers are about 10cm too short, as are Jojo’s! Anyway I feel a lot more human now. I am taking it slowly. I have engaged a solicitor.

So we just had some lovely Nigerians viewing, and a Russian.

Thursday. We just have one viewing today. I had another difficult night. So I went downstairs and put on a nice promotional video of Keukenhof, the 2-month tulip festival garden thingy. Tried to sleep sitting up on the sofa, in case it would stop me snoring.

anyway, tonsillitis + viewings =

So that’s good!

We have had an offer, which is a touch lower than we agreed to accept, So we are just considering it for a few days. It’s early days.

Well, shortly before the 11:30am viewing today, the estate agent rang to rearrange it. So we were suddenly free, and then immediately these surprise guests knocked! God’s perfect timing!


-which was a wonderful surprise! It’s been 4 years, and everyone has grown so much, including the momma, who is going to have another before long! These lovely characters are 6 and 12. I was thrilled to see them, especially as we are leaving. We just went for a pizza lunch and then chilled until Cathy came to whisk them away for tea.

Just Wow!





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