the kids helped!

Okay! Well we had a viewing around lunchtime today. Totally devoid of energy I cajoled Ruby and Fred to do various jobs, and I did a bit of steaming in the bathroom with the karcher steam gun (fun!). We were not finished in the kitchen when she came a bit early, but that’s okay.

It was a lady who would buy-to-let. She took some pics and asked what kind of offer we would accept. I don’t know! I had to say sorry, I haven’t discussed it with my husband yet! Then thankfully the afternoon was free so I got my gumshield on. and went to bed.  it is cutting into the corners of my lips a bit so I put plenty of Vaseline on. Also, I think because it holds my jaw a bit further open than previously, it is causing me to snore every time I fall asleep, thus waking me up! That’s why I’m so tired! So I put Promises of God on through my headphones, so at least I will be reminded that He is my healer every time I wake up! What a palaver. It is gorgeous weather this afternoon and it is nice to lay down in a made bed in a clear room!


I haven’t seen so much carpet in a long time!

Also I bought these flowers. We now have 5 more viewings lined up this week!!

I have also made a slow cooker butter chicken curry, pan haggerty and a veg n pasta soup today. Get me!




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