Tree Work Begun.

So, the work has begun!

They started at the back-garden end. 2nd pic: from above, thru the landing window.

Thankfully that 4pm viewing was cancelled but 3 more are already booked. I have had to lay down a bit as I was so tired. I couldn’t really sleep as there is so much info whizzing about my brain.  The calendar begins to fill with appointments and lots and LOTS of people suggesting we have a final cuppa/meet up. I am gonna have to avoid them. Well I guess this is why people have leaving parties, so you can see them all at once!

When I lay down I had a funny buzzy lump in my trouser leg, I grabbed it a few times and tried to shake it out, thinking it was some crisps or grass, it was a bee! I got it outside safely.


They were here from about 12 til 7pm. They were 4 Irish blokes, friendly, worked extremely hard all day, I only made them one cup of tea each.

Space and light! So Penny can get right on with a smart new fence down here.


Praise God!







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