A busy day ahead.

Urgh, I didn’t sleep much last night, then at 6.30am I went to Tesco with Jojo to get a few things for camp, he is off to Quinta for 2 nights, leaving at 9am from school!


Yesterday in church a lovely little lady that I don’t know very well, encouraged me. She said I’d said something at New Years about praying for things even if they are weird, or seem unimportant, (or something) and she prayed about something that was bothering her. Then suddenly recently there was a complete turnaround of the school rules, out of the blue, and her prayer was answered! completely ! so that was lovely!


Yesterday Laurie & Edith came for lunch, Lee did a lovely table of various salad n chicken n breads . We had a nice chat and Laurie took some photos.

Then some of us watched this dubbed modern Heidi film, I think it’s German. It was fun and faithful to the book.


A busy day is ahead of me today: tree cutters, phone council about leaving Jojo, other admin, and mostly, tidy for this viewing at 4pm. x





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