a beautiful view of nature!

In our landing we have a window which brings a lot of light into the house. Penny has the same window, however this has been her view for a few years now:


There are about 12 trees, as you can see they will come right in if they get a chance! And they belong to us. So I have phoned a man about getting rid of them , he said it’ll be about 3 weeks because of all the storms we had last week. Penny is ecstatic, and the second the trees are gone, she is replacing the entire fence between our gardens. it has needed doing for years and she has been very patient and hardly ever mentioned it. She is a super neighbour ! we talked and prayed this morning over our crochet and knitting (she’s doing a blanket for the unborn grandchild) and I showed her a nice Dutch song I’m learning,

and then she showed me some of her fave worship songs in African* , which we do sometimes.

*yes I’m aware that African isn’t the name of a language!!





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