Widnes Market


Last night I couldn’t find my new hard gumshield thingy, well it is totally seethrough= invisible! so I had to accept sleeping without it. But I had quite a headache in the morning. I’ve found it now thankfully!

Today Lola and I met Samantha at Belle Vale and then we drove to Widnes to go to the market. We had lunch in FM Caffe, then went in loads of 2nd hand shops together. In the market I hoped to get some Marlenka cakes, but their stall was closed. I got some different turquoise dk yarns for my current project in the knitting stall, which is a really good stall with loads of yarns, a wide range. Sam got one each of Stylecraft Special DK’s 3 new shades, pic below is from attic24.typepad.com . which is a very good colourful blog, I highly recommend!


Then Sam chose a grey variegated dk which toned with all 3. very nice!

this is my latest project, I got this Alize baby DK in Stafford market,

it’s the ” little spring mandala” pattern from Made In K Town. In fact mum, if you are passing the market and they had any left, could you get me a ball or 2! ! thanks!

Well, as you can imagine, Lee was quite pleased last night when he got in from work to see the house looking so empty! Then he went for a drink with Jonny (Simonne’s husband). And, now, our family flights are booked for a flying visit to Amsterdam:  10-12 May. Wahoo!



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