A Rug-based Adventure!

So on Saturday I met mum at 9am at Lime St and we had a lovely time at Paul’s conference in Liverpool Uni,  the 6th Annual Archaeology and the Bible Conference.  It was really hot in there, we saw lots of people I knew, and we learnt lots of interesting stuff about evidence for Biblical things in Egypt.  Then thoroughly exhausted, we got the train to Stafford.  Mum had made some mocha squares! Which I love. Hurrah! We had a good chat that evening.

On Sunday mum and I went to Hobbycraft and had a look in Next Home. We suddenly spontaneously bought this gorgeous rug. We were really quite excited about it, which I think shows how mild our lives are!


It’s textured an everything! She also got a toning doormat. We wanted to get it in before dad got home from church, and see if he noticed! We were giggling away like a couple of silly conspirators for about an hour or more! Anyway he was in first but in the kitchen.  So we quietly rolled up the old one, put this one down, adjusted everything, and even put the old rug in the understairs cupboard. It was so daft! And then he came in the room and said, “WHAT!”

We did ask what colour he thought it was, he said darkish red. So we got miles of fun out of that.

Mum had made some parsley fritters for lunch, which was interesting, I had a sleep in the afternoon, then in the evening we watched “San Andreas” after thinking about watching Arrival. With hindsight I think i’d have preferred Arrival. I did some crochet obviously. I don’t really pay attention to disaster-type movies, as it is too stressful.  but Dwayne Johnson was quite good, the family drama bits were quite watchable.

Today I came home in the morning, then Lola, Ruby, Fred and I went to town to watch the Power Rangers film.


I am in no sense a fan of the series, but the film was watchable enough.  Much better than I imagined. We got bubble teas and  chips with mayo on after.


This girl blended in with the bubbletea décor.



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