Penny knocked at 7.30am, to tell me about her week or so in Africa. She went for a funeral and visited loads of people she hasn’t seen for many years.

We were due to have Sam for 2 hours, but E cancelled. Even though I love seeing people, it’s always a relief to suddenly have a day with no appointments. F and I prayed to have lots of energy and enthusiasm to do some work today. So we did a booklet from our ‘conflict’ series, The Young Peacemaker. Today’s episode was about desires-choices-consequences-feelings. Then we filled a whole box of books from the dining room shelf to be packed away, and half a bag to donate. Then I made a big macaroni cheese, a large amount of chicken enchiladas, and a banana loaf. I took half to Emilia’s and we put Sam in this bouncy thing for his first try.

He enjoyed it for a good few minutes. He is uncommonly handsome I think!

The EPC came by email. It says how energy efficient our home is, it got a “D” which could be improved to a “C” if certain measures were taken.

So we got plenty done. I am using Ruby’s laptop today which she bought with her birthday money. it’s quite swish and fast compared to mine. x



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