Twins n baby


This is about heaven, but the principle is, Jesus is looking after our future.  He knows where we are going to live and He is in fact preparing things just for us! He takes a very personal interest in our lives and He doesn’t want us to trouble over anything or do anything outside of His care. Yay!

So far today F has been making a tree from a printout and I have been doing a bit of crochet.

Then 3 little unexpected visitors came, which was very fun, loud etc! Lola is extremely helpful in these moments.

Well literally Lee is signing his contract and sending it back today, and I have one lady interested in buying our house and two others want to rent it. So stuff will happen soon! Also even tho its’ only 2 months away, the company are going to pay for us all to make a visit to Amsterdam very soon, just to check it out!

I got the man in today amongst all this chaos to do the EPC – the energy performance certificate which you must have one of to sell the house.




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