Up London Road

Ruby and I nipped to London Rd for a school jumper & trousers for Jojo, he’s grown a lot since September! Then a little nose around Abakhans, before getting the bus back to town. R went home and I met Jojo from school to get shoes. Then we had tacos in Tortilla and got a lift home from Lee.

Tuesday I took the 3 kids to town for R’s orthodontist appointment. She got the brace put on her bottom teeth now too! Dr said all is going very well and we talked about us moving away , and how he will help us with smooth handover of information to the next orthodontist. Then we had lunch in the Soul Café on Bold St.   Fred & Ruby went to the Lego shop – F bought a little lego set using his bank card chip and pin, so that money stayed in his account all of one day! Why am I even surprised? Then up to Lazer to swap Jojo’s school trousers for some longer and thinner. Popped in Abakhans again, made F go home, it was a 2-bus job, he was not sure about where in town the changeover would occur, but he made it! Then the girls and I went in TJ Hughes for some reason, laughed at some clothes and fully sat around having a long rest on some recliner chairs in their very quiet furniture basement. !



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